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7 London Salons That Will Make Your Hair Look The T*ts

by Lareese Craig ,
7 London Salons That Will Make Your Hair Look The T*ts

When it comes to our hair, us girls can be precious about who touches our tresses and with good reason, too. Bowl cuts and colour faux pas are a genuine fear which is why if you're lucky enough to find a goody, you hold onto them like Jack held onto Rose when she was flying. Here's our ultimate ranking of London salons well worth giving the chair a test if you're in town.

Hiro Miyoshi Hair & Beauty

Best for: Good quality cuts

If you're yet to find a hair hero who knows exactly what you want doing with your precious tresses every time you hop into the salon seat, Hiro Miyoshi is your man. The Japanese native is nothing short of a perfectionist, calling upon his heritage to ensure no hair is out of place when you step out into the big, bad world.

Hiro uses the sharpest of tools to work his magic, ensuring each cut is immaculate and individually tailored to the client's exact preference. His experience is immediately clear from the moment you hand over your locks to him and you can be confident your hair will be cut in the style that best suits your hair line, texture and condition as well as face shape.

Hiro has also applied his expertise in cultural beauty to the salon's product offering and it boasts a wide range of natural-ingredient treatments guaranteed to make your hair feel silky smooth, not just when you leave but for weeks to come. Prices start from a modest £65 which is the going rate for Central London salons. For the full price list and to make a booking click here.

Mimi et Mina

Best for: Extensions, super shiny locks (& much needed girl time)

If you like the elegant French way of life you'll love this petit boutique salon tucked away amongst the Notting Hill mansions (it's property porn central).

Mimi et Mina is everything a top notch hairdressers should be: pink and sassy with exceptional service. The salon atmosphere and staff embody the values of female friendship; fun, loyalty, quality and support. It felt like home from home!

Go there and try the sparkle blow dry - it will make your hair look as shiny as a raven's wing and you can hold us to that. Check it out here!


Best for: Chelsea tresses (and making friends fo' life)

If you haven't heard of the SW London salon itself, chances are you've heard the names Ben and Jonathan bandied about between the beauty junkies. And that's because they are gods amongst men.

More like going for a chin wag with one of your best pals, this place is just as much about the company and the experience as it is about the flawless hair you'll leave with.

Book in with them here to get your #ChelseaVibes!

Duck & Dry

Best for: Updos, speed styling & fizzy bubbles

From the delicious olives to the prosecco on tap and the cute 'fine feathers make fine birds' quote on the wall... and that's before we've even got round to talking about how bomb the hair is. It's a fancy experience is visiting Duck & Dry.

You're guaranteed to leave feeling just as inspired by the infectious energy of the place as you are by the chignons. It goes without saying this King's Road gem is a place for #goodvibes only. Find out more here.

Hare & Bone

Best for: Catwalk inspired hair & tailor-made hairstyles

​It's USP? Wearable runway hair. Sam Burnett's baby Hare & Bone specialises in translating what's hot in fashion to what's even hotter in hair. It really is a cut above the rest.

Sam's mission is to provide exceptional customer service with innovative designs that are perfectly crafted to each and every client and their individual preferences.

Psssst! He also counts the likes of Daisy Lowe, Charli XCX and Jessie J as clients so ya know, A-list approval and all that. Want a seat at Sam's gaff? Read more about Hare & Bone here.


Best for: Self-confessed blow dry addicts

Major perk: They open at 7.30am Monday-Friday, so you can squeeze in that all important me time before getting back to the grind. Their concept is simple. Blowdries, beauty and brows is what it's all about. Whether you're after the signature NYC power blow or Chelsea girl waves, all you have to do is pick a place and the Aer stylists will rock your locks accordingly.

All that's left to do is sit back, relax and catch a breath of fresh Aer and hair gals! Book an appointment here.

The Braid Bar Selfridges

Best for: Braids, obvs!

Your answer to stylish braids on. the. go! And what better place to put a braid bar than in The Beauty Workshop in Selfridges itself. Hello a day of me, me, me.

From french plaits and fishtails to Kylie Jenner inspired corn rows, you can choose from a menu of 12 styles all names after the fash pack.

Intricate and clean or messy and edgy, however you like your braids, this is the place to go to get 'em. Book in here!

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