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Cream Of The Crop! 50 Pixie Crops That Will Make You Want Short Hair

by Lareese Craig ,
Cream Of The Crop! 50 Pixie Crops That Will Make You Want Short Hair

Brave enough to go pixie short? Lopping off your locks is a big deal but as soon as you realise how many hours of faffing it saves you, not to mention the killer cheekbones it gives you, you'll never want to go back to your long days again. Here's 50 of the most iconic pixie crops to inspire you to take the snip.

From Emma Watson's sophisticated pixie crop to Jennifer Lawrence's sultry grown out style, there are plenty of celebrities who have dared to go short and looked amazing for it.

Committing to a crop doesn't mean you're limited to wearing yours one way. There's a lot of fun to be had with a statement style such as this one, so don't be put off if you like to experiment.

Whether it's a break-up that's inspired you to shake up your hair game or just a classic case of barnet boredom, getting a pixie cut is sure to give you and your hair a new lease of life.

Wanna meet the new edgier you? Here're 50 pixie crops to give you the confidence to crop it and crop it good.

Are you ready for the chop? Here's our short hair checklist!

1. You've been contemplating short hair for a while. Impulse shopping, yes. Impulse short hair no!

2. You don't do much with it so it's unlikely that you'll miss fishtails, buns and ponies. Bye felicia.

3. It'll make your life easier - no more fur balls latching onto your socks. Hallelujah!

4. You've asked all of your besties for their opinion and the general consensus is DO IT.

5. You've asked a professional for advice because ya know, face shape can get in the way of these things.

6. You need a good cut. All that ombre has taken its toll on your tresses, it's time to have happy hair again.

7. Your hair is thick at the root but limp on the ends - a nice healthy chop will help create the illusion of volume. Ta-da! Problem solved.

8. You want to show off your features. If you're sick of hiding behind your long lengths, a pixie cut is a pure win for showing off your best bits.

9. You can't stop looking at Khloe Kardashian and how hot her short hair is. Swoon.

10. You've already planned what short hair outfits you're going to buy. It's a thing. Use it to your advantage.

If all of these apply we say get. booked. in.

All the pixie crop hairspiration you need...

Jennifer Lawrence hair
Jennifer Lawrence hair
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