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22 Categories ALL Instagrammers Fall Into: Which One Are You?

by Emmy Griffiths ,
22 Categories ALL Instagrammers Fall Into: Which One Are You?© WeHeartIt

Yes, that includes you. Are you a selfie lover, or a amateur photographer? A fashionista or an all-out show off? Diagnose yourself below...

The Selfie Queen

It doesn't matter if this person is snapping themselves at the top of the Himalayas or in their bathroom because all you can see is their perfect pout with the perfect filter. Still, they DO look super hot *likes picture*.

The Foodie

#NOM. Foodie's always seem to appear to you at your most hungry, tempting you with home made pies and cupcakes and amazing, neat Michelin Star restaurant meals. How many phones must have been broken due to slobbering, envious Instagrammers? We don't dare to think!

The Proud Mum

"You know what Instagram needs? More pictures of your toddler doing the same activity all posted within minutes of each other." - said no one, ever.

The Viner

There's always one who eschews that Instagram is meant for pictures and just puts up video after video of their lives - it just takes us so much longer to keep up with your online life!

The Inspirational Quoter

Everyone needs a little uplifting sometimes, and you're going to be the one to give it to them! They didn't know what strength was until you showed them! Unfortunately some people get a little tired of this...

The Amateur Photographer

This traffic jam/litter/bag of Doritos is going to be award winning, just let me add the finishing Early Bird filter touch...#photography #breathless #eyeroll

The Party Animal

You don't understand how this person manages to get to so many parties so often and how they always seem to have having the time of their lives! Yeah we'll say it, we're jealous of your life and want you to invite us to one of these parties - why do you think we keep liking your pictures?!

The Comedian

Fun to follow, the funny people use Instagram as a platform for their comic finesse, and what's life without a few lols?!

The Hashtagger

#Every #Word #Is #Important #So #Spend #A #Little #Extra #Time #Hashtagging #Every #Single #One #YOLO

The Instafamous

This friend of yours has thousands of followers and you literally have no idea how they managed it. When you go to comment on a snap and see other comments of: "<3 please follow me!', you are proud, but mostly confused. HOW DO THEY DO IT.

The Traveller

You're having a great time backpacking, and make good use of internet cafes to show everyone exactly where you've been. It's a great way to share your experiences, plus you don't even need to have excellent photography skills to make the things you've seen look pretty! #Nofilter

The Show Off

They love to share anything they know will make their friends and followers jelly, whether it is their holiday in Bali, their toned tummy or their piled up birthday presents. It sounds bad, but isn't Instagram all about seeing life through a filter? Why shouldn't you just include the good stuff!

The Stoner

See Miley Cyrus's Instagram for more information.

The Gym Queen

Stats on how many calories they lost at the gym, delight over new trainers or proud side by side pictures to show how their figure has changed with their progress, you kind of wish you didn't follow them - they make you feel so lazy.

The Socialite

This person has more friends than you thought was possible. Although you consider the two of you close, their Instagram is just an insight into how much of a drop in the ocean you are.

The Fashionista

The trendsetter who always looks faultless and uses Instagram to show off their new trends or that new twist on an outfit ALWAYS gets our attention!

The Businessperson

Using Instagram for promotion is all well and good, but we're your friends! We don't want to be a part of your blog competition!

The Confused

This always tends to be your Auntie and/or Grandmother who posts pictures of the washing up or thirty pictures in a row of their pet dog in Noir filter. It's not wrong, it's just not the way it's done, you know?!

The Scrapbooker

This person has downloaded half a dozen insta-help apps to make their Instagram insta-pretty by adding a bunch of pictures to make little collages and adding pretty frames.

The Slob

That person who loves to exhibit how much of a lazy bum they are by posting pictures of their duvet, empty Ben and Jerry's tubs and ironic 'crazy' Saturday night pictures of them with their cat always make ourselves feel a LITTLE better about ourselves (unless we're having the exact same evening).

The Loved Up Couple

Kissing selfies might be over and done with on Facebook (honestly, they sort of died on MySpace), but all bets are off with Instagram! You can be as soppy as you like, and many, MANY people are.

The Amateur Beautician

Whether it's your nail art, your eye shadow, your bold new lip shade, you love to reveal your new beauty discoveries to the world!

Which category do you fall under? Tweet us @sofeminineUK!

This was written by Emmy Griffiths. Follow her @emmyfg!

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