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10 Of The Best Slimming Creams

by Tolani Shoneye ,
10 Of The Best Slimming Creams

We all know there’s nothing like a balanced diet and exercise to get a toned body fast, but a little help is always welcomed, and when we say help, we're talking about slimming creams. So since holiday season is around the corner, we've rounded up the best slimming creams on the market, the ones that actually work!

  1. · Nip+Fab Tummy Fix
  2. · Rodial Super Fit Tummy Tuck
  3. · Murad Firm and Tone Serum
  4. · Soap & Glory Sit Tight Super-Intense 4-D
  5. · Clarins Body Lift Cellulite Control
  6. · Bliss Fatgirlslim
  7. · Mio Skin Tight Tightening Body Serum
  8. · Bliss Love Handler
  9. · FangoCrema Tummy & Waist Active Mud Cream
  10. · Decleor Aromessence Slim Effect Draining Contour Serum

The thought of bumpy thighs and wobbly bits is nothing short of nightmarish at this time of year - so to prep your body for the big reveal (it's coming soon girls - the temperatures are rising!), it can't hurt to try a slimming cream to tone and smooth those pesky problem areas.

So how do slimming creams actually work? Well it's all in the ingredients, and any slimming cream worth using will include caffeine. Caffeine works as a stimulant that makes the brain and the heart work harder. When applied on the skin, it encourages the skin to work harder by increasing the circulation, this then helps to get rid of toxins and excess water which cause fatty deposits to be pushed against the skin.

Kyle Raymond, Head of Education at Rodial, also adds that, "Products with ‘toning’ and ‘firming’ in the name help to stimulate the muscles, which helps to improve the skin’s texture and reduce the bumpy ‘orange peel’ consistency of cellulite. Applying these creams twice daily, using a circular motion warms up the muscles and helps the product to be as effective as possible."

So now you know the science part, here are ten of the best slimming creams that will leave you looking toned and firm. From creams that sculpt the body to skin firming products, these are the creams that are worth trying to banish the wobble.

10 Of The Best Slimming Creams © Nip & Fab
10 Of The Best Slimming Creams
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Nip+Fab Tummy Fix

This revolutionary formula, helps to tone, smooth and tighten the tummy. The added caffeine burns and eliminates fat cells, and used twice daily, the tummy area becomes visibly firmer with a flatter silhouette.

Available from Nip+Fab

Rodial Super Fit Tummy Tuck

It’s a tummy tuck without the surgery, and with a promise to reduce fat around the abdominal area by up to an inch in just eight weeks. The cream helps to improve the tone of the stomach, and keeps it firm and moisturised.

Available from Rodial.

Murad Firm and Tone Serum

No more puckered skin? Yes please. This powerful Murad serum improves the appearance of dimpled skin, by increasing the skin's firmness and enhances the skin's smoothness, the added super ingredient of cat claw extract (we're talking about a shrub here, not cat claw clippings!) works wonders on cellulite as it has powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

Available from Murad

Soap & Glory Sit Tight Super-Intense 4-D

A intense slimming cream that works almost straight away. It promises to leave the skin around our wobbly bits firmer more hydrated, and the roller ball applicator helps to increase circulation. But be prepared for the warm sensation after application.

Available from Boots

Clarins Body Lift Cellulite Control

This cream is basically a contour for the body. Not only does it targets and gets rid of both early and stubborn cellulite (Damn you stubborn cellulite) it also leaves the skin looking toned, rejuvenated and streamlined.

Available from Clarins

Bliss Fatgirlslim

We are not too sure about the name, but hey it works. This is one for girls who suffer from fluid retention, as it visibly reduces the appearance of this. It also stimulates the skin surface leaving it firm and cellulite free.

Available from ASOS

Mio Skin Tight Tightening Body Serum

This serum is perfect for tightening up the skin, post-weight loss. Once you have done all the hard work, this lotion works to firm any loose skin you might have. It also brightens and exfoliates the skin leaving it healthy and vibrant.

Available from Mio Skin Care

Bliss Love Handler

Love handles, possibly the hardest ab flab to shake off, but this little tub of magic is here to help. When applied on the wobbly area, it release caffeine to help whittle the appearance of love handles and the addition of the cool mint oil and the naturally-derived amino acid stimulates circulation and ​boost cellular metabolism.

FangoCrema Tummy & Waist Active Mud Cream

A mud based cream that targets loose skin and fatty tissues around the tummy and waist areas. The blend of phyto extract, caffeine and vitamin E also improves firmness and tone. Although very effective, the strong formulation means that it’s not recommended for delicate skin.

Available from Bath and Unwind

Decleor Aromessence Slim Effect Draining Contour Serum

We all want firm, lump free thighs, right? And this serum promises to give you just that. Ideal for those suffering from weight gain and water retention, the serum promises to reduce hip measurements by up to 1cm and also ease bloating. Get slathering!

Available from Look Fantastic

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