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A Bunny Rabbit Spa Is About To Open In London

by Emmy Griffiths ,
A Bunny Rabbit Spa Is About To Open In London© iStock

Have you ever had a massage and thought to yourself "you know what would make this experience even more relaxing? BUNNY RABBITS!"? Well then it's time to celebrate your bizarre imagination, because a bunny rabbit spa is coming to Covent Garden this year and we couldn't be more excited to snuggle those floppy eared snuggle bunnies during our facials!

A pop-up spa being launched for two days only promises pampering, complimentary snacks, and all of the cuddly bunnies you could dream of. During March 12th to 14th, the spa will offer free facials and massages as the bunny rabbits hop around freely.

The spa, which is being organised by 7th Heaven, will borrow the bunnies from rescue charities, where a vet will be present at all times to guarantee that the Thumpers of the beauty world will be having as much a fun and relaxation time as the customers.


Don't think you can make it to Covent Garden on these dates? Don't worry, the whole event will be screened via Periscope, so fans can tune in to watch the rabbits hanging out at the spa (that's one sentence we never thought we'd write!)


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