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Ready, Steady, Summer! The Best Fake Tans In The Business

by Lareese Craig ,
Ready, Steady, Summer! The Best Fake Tans In The Business© Instagram @TashOakley

We're done with summer loving, we'll take summer bronzing any day - we just need to hunt down the best fake tans first! Give us radiant brown pins and faux sun-kissed faces. And ya know, a juicy Calippo wouldn't be a bad thing either. We give you a round up of the best fake tans in the business. Now go be the leg-flashing gazelle you were born to be already.

  1. · Bondi Sands Liquid Gold
  2. · Fake Bake Coconut Serum
  3. · BareMinerals Faux Tan
  4. · St Moriz Pro Advanced Fast Tan
  5. · Sienna X HIT Express Tan
  6. · St Tropez In Shower Lotion
  7. · Skinny Tan Mousse
Bondi Sands Liquid Gold
Bondi Sands Liquid Gold
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Trying a new tan is a risky game. Will I be orange, will I smell like a cat biscuit, will I have to deal with Donald Trump comparisons all night? It's pot bottle luck which way it will go but thanks to our beauty round up, you can leave your cat biscuit days firmly behind you.

Think Tash Oakley, Bondi Aussie radiance running through your bones.

1. Bondi Sands Liquid Gold

Ever seen an Aussie who doesn't look like a goddess? It just doesn't happen, does it! We discovered vegan-friendly brand Bondi Sands a year ago and haven't looked back pale since. Everything from the range is incredible but their latest Liquid Gold dry oil offering is our new favourite tanning toy. One application is all you need! No fuss, no mess, just beautiful deep bronzed skin. We mix ours in with our body cream but if you want a more natural, buildable tan use their Everyday range. It's the bomb.

2. Fake Bake Coconut Serum

We hate to use the word trendy BUT coconuts are trendy AF. Add fake tan into the mix and you've got a pretty dope beauty partnership right there. Like a magical elixir, this stuff will change the way you tan forevs. Formulated with skin-loving ingredients and superfood coconut oil, the lightweight serum contains skin plumping hyaluronic acid and silk amino acids to hydrate and smooth the skin, so not only are you left with a sell-your-granny kinda good tan, you're also well equipped against ageing too.

3. BareMinerals Faux Tan

​​You know you're on to a good thing when you can see the colour as you're applying it. We've all been that girl who's gone too generous with the elbow coverage - god damn that tough rhino skin, it's invincible. Well now thanks to the BareMinerals babes, you'll never have to miss a spot (or go OTT ya knee caps) ever again. Plus the packaging is beautiful, so we vow to keep it on show in our bathrooms, it's too pretty to squirrel away in the cabinet. I mean it's rose gold for crying OL.

Available from Fragrance Direct

4. St Moriz Pro Advanced Fast Tan

Ah, when we find ourselves in sunless situations (which is most of the effing time) we stop and ask: What Would St Moriz Do? Whether you're a fan of mousse, lotion or mist, St M is your answer to quick-fix tanning however you want it. We love their Pro Advanced Fast Tan for all the times you're left with an hour to turn your sh*t around because you know that even though your pals will hate you for rocking up late, Moriz always has your back. Literally.

5. Sienna X HIT Express Tan

Short on time but all over tanned limbs? Forget that 8-sweaty-hour marathon before you can shower rule - ain't nobody got time for that! Just like the high intensity interval training class you love to hate, this little gem gets the job done fast and effectively. Apply just one coat ahead of a night, rinse off out and enjoy a flawless, natural glow. And that's not all, your sunless tan will continue to develop for the next 4 hours after you've showered. Damn Daniel, that's good.

6. St Tropez In Shower Lotion

If convenience is everything to you than say hello to your ultimate time saver. This St Tropez in-shower gradual lotion is a first in the UK, but can you really get a banging tan in 3 minutes. In the shower. At first we eye rolled, then we tried it and now we're eating our words. Or rather our emojis. No gross sheets, no cat-biscuits-cum-BO odour, just in and out tan. It's not just a game-changer, it's a life changer!

7. Skinny Tan Mousse

You've probably seen The Skinny Tan all over the (Instagram) shop because everyone is obsessed. And with good reason! It's basically like a contouring palette for your bod. Originally founded and launched down-under (obvs), Skinny Tan has gone on to be an IG phenomenon and a firm fave in the UK.

Unlike other tans, this doesn't include the chemical DHA (the biscuitty culprit), this one's made with a natural derived tanning agent instead. It's also loaded with body contouring actives to firm and sculpt. So yeah, prepare to ditch your friends for a night with this legend.

The latest addition, Skinny Mousse (FYI it lasts up to 14 days), will be available in 650 Superdrug stores from 1st June 2016.

What's your go-to fake tan of choice? Tweet us @sofeminineUK!

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