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Best instant fake tan

by the editorial team ,
Best instant fake tan

It may be October making fake tan not quite so high on our beauty agenda but this instant fake tan is the best we've ever used and it'll be a beauty ritual in our lives until the sun comes out again... well OK, point taken, all year round! Ladies, we give you... The best instant fake tan:

The best instant fake tan... ever

We've found it. The best instant fake tan on the market.

It's a hallelujah moment in the soFeminine offices this morning. After months and months of trying every fake tan on the market (we know, we spoil you) we've finally found an instant fake tan we can trust.

he-shi Quick + Easy Expresss Liquid Tan does exactly what it claims: tans quickly and easily.

We should qualify this though - the tan itself would be anything but easy if it wasn't for the awesome might of the he-shi Quick + Easy Tanning Mitt.

The tanning mitt is a kind of tanning-applicator-slash-mitten. Slip it on, add the lotion to the foamy side and apply in long sweeping motions. The tan glides on errr... quickly and easily - it's a terrifying dark brown in colour so you can see exactly where it goes.

The colour transforms on contact into a mellow softer tan and is completely streak free. Not even one streak or patch could be found. And it took, ohhh, two to three minutes to instantly tan our legs to perfection.

Officially we have found THE best instant fake tan for 2010. It might have a name that makes you think of Nadia from Big Brother but do not let anything put you off trying this stuff! We in love with he-shi fake tan.

A word of caution though: instant fake tans, even the best instant fake tans, can never truly compare with the take-forever-to-develop versions. And this is no exception. There is always a compromise.

In this case, they mean it when they say Liquid Tan. It pours out of the bottle and all over the floor if you're not careful. You can't put too much on the mitt because that too will cause a fake-tan-on-floor disaster.

And although it's instant, it will continue to develop so you can't go anywhere near water for 5-7 hours after application and no sweating either!

We can forgive all that though because the resulting colour is gorgeous and the application is practically effortless.

The he-shi Quick + Easy Tanning Mitt is an invention of pure genius and every woman should have one - it's reusable and you can wash it in your regular washing machine.

he-shi Quick + Easy Express Liquid Tan does exactly what it claims and when used with the mitt earns the title of THE best instant fake tan this office has ever found.

TIP: If you don't want to take our word for it then grab yourself a he-shi sample pack, £5.99 - you'll get a mitt and a 15ml Quick + Easy Express Liquid Tan sample. And later when you're the happiest you've ever been with a fake tan we'll say 'we told you so'.

The best instant fake tan... ever!

he-shi Quick + Easy Tanning Mitt, £3.99
he-shi Quick + Easy Express Liquid Tan, £35.00 - 300ml
he-shi Quick + Easy sample pack, £5.99 - 15ml

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