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Stop eating burgers! What your spots are trying to tell you!

by Vivian KELLY Published on 31 January 2014
Stop eating burgers! What your spots are trying to tell you!© Getty

If your skin is constantly misbehaving it could be time to take a moment to listen to its side of the story. From oily break-outs to clogged pores, persistent pimples and hormonal acne attacks, your skin is actually pretty good at telling you the bigger picture when it comes to your health. So if you're ready to clean up your skin for good, you're in the right place. Find out what different pimples mean and how you can prevent them.

Spots are one of those annoying things we all experience at some point or another. Whether you had a pizza face in high school or you’re suffering from embarrassing adult acne, fending them off can sometimes seem impossible, but turns out there might just be a solution to it all. A basic, but effective one - face reading.

Chinese face reading has been practiced for thousands of years allowing practitioners to detect and diagnose a whole host of health issues.

Essentially you have a health warning written on your skin, so by learning the ways of this ancient practice you can start taking the right steps to achieve that blemish-free complexion we all want.

With that in mind and with no ideas on where to start, we got chatting to skincare guru and education manager at the International Dermal Institute, Sally Penford, who laid down the laws of face reading for us.

“The saying goes that the face never lies. And certainly Chinese face reading suggests that your face is a mirror that reflects all the internal health and stress challenges your body is facing from both long and short term points of view," says Sally.

"So if you suffer from breakouts, oily congestion, fine lines, flakiness or sensitivity, it could be that that your skin care regime is just not up to scratch or it may be a symptom of an underlying imbalance."

It's time to start listening to what your skin is trying to say.


A poor diet can leave your face feeling congested. Much like your gut, your face will show synonymous reactions that are going on in your body.

“When reading the forehead we know the upper part is associated with the bladder, the middle with digestion and the lower with intestines.

“Therefore possible issues could relate to poor digestion which may be a result of eating too late in the evening or eating a poor diet.”

So, if your forehead is your problem area it could be that you're eating the wrong kinds of food. If your diet is too high in fat, try cutting down on the processed foods and upping your intake of H2O and herbal teas.

Not only will it boost your energy levels but it will help detox your body whilst also bringing you that step closer to clear beautiful skin.

Mouth and lips

Sores around the mouth could indicate a deficiency of B vitamins so try introducing more wholegrains, lean meat and green leafy vegetables in your diet to amp up your levels.

“We can often blame the weather for dry cracking lips, but take a look at how your diet may have changed as we move into the colder seasons. Cracking lips is a sign of gastric stress.”

Another culprit for spots and dry skin around your mouth is dehydration. It seems like common knowledge, but you'll be surprised how many people don't get their eight glasses of H2O every day.

Nose and cheeks

Zits on your cheeks could be a result of a poor diet.

Don’t be a slave to your pimples. If flare-ups are visible start by cleaning up your diet and adopting an eat clean lifestyle. That means cutting out a lot of processed food and sugar. Sound challenging? Your skin will thank you for it.

If you tend to suffer more from clogged pores and blackheads around the nose try steaming your face once a week to release toxins. Like most women, if you wear make-up during the day make sure to double cleanse (with a mild cleanser) to avoid congestion while allowing your skin breathe.

“Can’t get rid of those breakouts on your lower cheeks? This area relates to the gums and back teeth so breakouts in this area that can’t be explained by diet, may be related to dental problems such as tooth decay or gum disease.”

Who would have thought dental problems could result in break-outs? This is news to us!


Do you get recurring monthly breakouts on the outer edges of your chin?

Sally says in Chinese face reading, this area relates to the ovaries and hormonal fluctuations. Aka they're period pimples.

One interesting tip is to notice where you break-out on your chin - each side represents the side of your body where the ovary will release the egg. Crazy or what?

Hormonal acne isn’t easy to cure, but you can follow a healthy diet and lifestyle whilst taking regular vitamin B supplements to help balance hormones during your monthly cycle.


Pesky spots on the jawline are a clear sign of internal congestion, most likely in the large intestine, which is often affected by a diet rich in deep fried and processed foods.

Burgers and fizzy drinks might seem like a delicious idea initially but your skin (and your body) will end up having to pay for it.

What you eat shows on your skin so it's best ditch the fried fast foods and restore your body’s wellbeing by making healthier food choices. You’ll be on your way to gorgeous skin in no time!

Face reading is not as uncommon as we think either.

“Many skin therapists are using this tool to better understand and treat their client’s skin, as well as assisting customisation of their treatments and aiding in a more personal approach to skin and body care,” says Sally.

We say the art of face mapping is a fail-safe trick to better skin. Will you be adopting this practice into your beauty routine?​

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Vivian KELLY
Vivian KELLY - Published on 31 January 2014
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