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Couples' Tattoos: Cute Or Just Cringe?!

by Lareese Craig Published on 5 June 2015
Couples' Tattoos: Cute Or Just Cringe?!

Couples' tattoos, what's the verdict? We're not talking your bae's initials, hell no, that's never been cute. This is more like ying and yang and matching wishbone inda inking (See! Chunder free zone. Ish). Not convinced? Here's the matching couples' tattoos to inspire your declarations of sweet sweet love and affection.

His and hers tats? Or matching ink with your bestie? Here's the couples' tats that'll give you the body art bug for sure. Even if you do need to talk him out of his needle phobia.

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Couples' Tattoos! Cute Or Cringe? © @S_W_S

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Lareese Craig
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