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Genius Or Crazy? This Blogger Gets Her Contouring On Point Using Cutlery. Yes Cutlery!

by Rose Adams ,
Genius Or Crazy? This Blogger Gets Her Contouring On Point Using Cutlery. Yes Cutlery!

Just in case your beauty bag wasn't already full to the brim enough with makeup brushes and tools, then get ready to add another to it, too. But don't worry, you won't need to spend a shedload on the latest brush or sponge, it's already sitting in your erm, cutlery drawer...

If you (like us) are still generally baffled by what feels like the age old technique pioneered by Kim Kardashian et al -yup I'm talking about contouring - then listen up. Those clever bloggers are forever coming up with unique and at times bizarre new hacks to nail this tricky trend, and this one's up there with the strangest. But it's also endearingly practical.

Making contouring look like a piece of cake, blogger @youngcouture_, who is based in LA (the lucky thing), has incorporated the help of that well known household item a fork, to get her highlighting stripes accurate and evenly spaced. Our first thought was you must be forking crazy (sorry) but then again I'm all for a beauty hack and if it's free then I'm in there like swimwear.

Watch how she gets on here:

A video posted by @youngcouture_ on Aug 2, 2016 at 7:56pm PDT

The tricks of her trade include using the usual cream highlighter and darker bronze combo over the bridge of her nose where the light will catch. Then she uses the fork to map out her contour lines before blending it all together. We have to admit, it seems to do the trick and with a bit of blending - there's method behind this gals madness.

We're yet to find out if this works on the cheek area too as well as the nose, but I guess you would need a rather long fork to nail that technique. But if it's good enough for Ariel...

Will you be trying out this unusual hack? Let us know @SofeminineUK

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