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The 2016 Pirelli Calendar Replaces Steamy Nude Model Shots With Empowering Women

by Lareese Craig ,
The 2016 Pirelli Calendar Replaces Steamy Nude Model Shots With Empowering Women

The iconic Pirelli calendar has taken a different creative direction for 2016 and we more than approve. Rather than filling its pages with fetish themes, scantily clad models and unattainable perfection, they've gone for something all together more inspiring.

Last year's Pirelli calendar theme was 'fetish', this year it's inspirational women of achievement - and they've even kept their clothes on for the occasion! Breakthrough moment guys.

The 43rd edition, shot by iconic photographer Annie Leibovitz, has made a dramatic departure from its usual shall we say, titillating style and is moving in a whole new awesome direction.

This year's line up is a huge statement for the brand, with inspirational women including Amy Schumer, Serena Williams and Patti Smith replacing top models.

Although the calendar seems to do away with Pirelli's tradition of nude photos there's still some flesh on display thanks to Miss Schumer. The comedian joked that, 'she forgot the memo' about keeping clothes on, as she sits in her undies and heels sipping on a coffee. We love that woman.

Pirelli CEO, Marco Tronchetti Provera, described the shift as “a calendar based on the equality of women all around the world.”

With Playboy's no more nudes policy and FHM's decision to suspend publication, times are a-changing for the better!

Pirelli's latest calendar might be one more blow for lad's mags culture but it's certainly one more gain for all the girls out there with talent, dreams, achievements and soft, beautiful rolls too. Amen.

pirelli calendar 2016
pirelli calendar 2016
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