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Jessie J hair: Singer starts growing out her buzz cut

by Lareese Craig ,
Jessie J hair: Singer starts growing out her buzz cut© Jessie J instagram

When Jessie J shaved off her raven locks all in the name of charity earlier this year we were all suddenly overcome with a ‘I wonder if I should get scissor happy’ moment. With her Cheshire-cat smile and her funky feline eyes the buzz cut was made for her fabulous features. But now the time has come for her to get growing her tresses again.

After shaving her hair for Comic Relief back in March, singer and talent-show judge Jessie J has begun the grueling process of growing back her tresses. We've all been there Jessie and we can tell you now tugging and pulling it just makes for a sore head.

Make-up free and donning a stripy monochrome, she captioned the snap: “Make up free chill time! Hair is getting longer and this is a weird face..."

With no confirmation from camp Jessie J, we’re left wondering if the singer is on a growing-out mission. Maybe she’ll make a back-to-black return to her longer ebony locks or perhaps she'll hold on to her Do It Like A Dude cut.

She’s not shy of chopping and changing her style, cut and colour – remember her rainbow clip ins and bold bangs?

We still think her blonde fluffy-duckling hair is one of her best looks yet. What could possibly be next for Miss Jessie J’s hair-adventures?

Should Jessie keep her buzz cut or grow it out? Tweet us at @sofeminine and let us know your fave Jessie J hairstyle.

Lareese Craig
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