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Sexy hair colour ideas for blondes

by Ursula Dewey ,
Sexy hair colour ideas for blondes© GETTY

Blonde is sexy. Simple as. But there are certain shades of gold or honey that can really add that vampy edge. So if you want to change up your hue take a look at these hot blonde celebs for blonde hair colour ideas you can get on board with.

If you're a blonde bombshell then you really do have sexy on your side. Only thing is, blondes take a lot of upkeep and maintenance - those root touch ups can get pretty tedious right?

​But as long as you're choosing the right blonde for you then keeping your colour becomes a whole lot easier. The trick is picking a shade that will brighten your complexion and make your eyes really pop. So which blonde to choose?

We've rounded up the 9 hottest blonde celebs to take you through this season's boldest blonde shades for instant sexy. From beige blonde to a hint of vanilla, bottle blonde and spun gold, there's no end of shades to chose to suit you.

Drew Barrymore: Honey hair © GETTY
Drew Barrymore: Honey hair
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1. Drew Barrymore is the latest star to join the blonde brigade and her new honey hue really suits her peachy complexion. Top marks!

2. Emma Stone may be a sweet as sugar smiler, but her hair is a plain old dirty blonde. Her sexy roots really work with her grown out fringe - proving that smouldering blonde works best with a bit of root.

3. ​​Jennifer Aniston's long been friends with the bleach bottle - and it's not surprising. She was born to be blonde. Her beachy sandy shade is perfect for her skintone and looks surprisingly natural.

4. Gisele is a true golden girl - her hair has a real midas touch with golden threads that give it a natural warmth and plenty of depth.

5. Jennifer Lawrence has broken up her barnet with toffee and caramel highlights at the front - this is a great way to start going blonde if you're a bit peroxide shy.

6. Amanda Seyfried is an ash blonde bombshell. Her blanched out shade works with her pale skin tone perfectly. Looks like she's using a few conditioning treatments to get that high shine too!

7. Carey Mulligan's ice maiden hair is about to get a whole lot more in demand now that Great Gatsby fever is reaching a high. We love her frosted highlights which break up the colour and give her barnet a sexy edge.

8. Taylor Swift has been setting a trend for mousy blonde (that's beige blonde in industry speak) with an ashy tone that looks ultra natural. If you're tempted to go beige then the key to getting this look right is to get the colour even from roots to tips.

9. Blake Lively's strawberry blonde shade is perfect if your natural hair has red tones. Warm and fruity, this shade is a proper head turner. She knows how to work the multi-tonal hues too - with a statement fishtail braid.

Ursula Dewey
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