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23 Questions Everyone Has Probably Wondered About Boob Jobs, Answered

by Lareese Craig ,
23 Questions Everyone Has Probably Wondered About Boob Jobs, Answered

Even if you're not about to book in to get a boob job anytime soon, the chances are you've wondered how much these things cost and whether implants really can go bang. We have all the answers to the questions everyone has probably wondered about boob jobs right here.

Guys you're not alone. Truth is, we're just as curious about boob jobs as you are, which is why we asked the experts at Spire Cosmetic Surgery to put our minds at rest.

From nipple talk to how much they actually cost, here's the answers to the questions every girl (and guy) has probably wondered about boob jobs.

1. How much does it usually cost?

Whenever we ask how much someone's boobies cost (because that's what us girls do, there's no time to beat around the bush) there's never one set price, so how are we supposed to know exactly which price is the right price and ensure we're not being ripped off? Truth is, the cost for breast enlargement surgery can range from anywhere between £3,500-£5,000 and can vary depending on several reasons, including your general health, your consultant and the result you are aiming for.

2. What is the recovery time?

Taking things easy can be frustrating but it's important that you do to ensure you recover properly. You will probably take a couple of months for your breasts to look and feel as though they are back to normal.

3. How soon can you drive again?

You should avoid bending or stooping, strenuous exercise, lifting, swimming and vacuuming for six weeks after your operation - which means you're fully excused from Cinderella duties so lap it up.

Your surgeon will advise you as to when you are safe again to drive, and you will need to inform your insurer. The biggest concern is whether you are able to perform an emergency stop.

4. How soon can you exercise again, i.e cardio, running?

If ever there was an excuse to ditch the work outs for a while, a boob job's it! You should avoid strenuous exercise, including running, for six weeks after your operation. The sofa is where it's at, enjoy every moment!

5. How soon can you fly?

And how about booking that first bikini vacation outta here to show off your new assets? You shouldn’t fly for at least six weeks following your operation, ideally longer. Remember to check with your travel insurer and airline before you travel too. Pool parties can wait.

6. How soon after the procedure can you wear a bra?

FYI sexy new bras won't be happening straight away. You’ll have to wear a special supportive bra after surgery for a few weeks after your operation and your surgeon will need to see you at follow up appointments to check your recovery, and they will let you know when you can stop wearing it. But don't worry, your Victoria's Secret moment will come.

7. What do you need to consider when buying a bra for the first time after surgery?

During your consultations, your surgeon should have discussed with you what shape and size you are aiming to achieve, and whether this is achievable for your body shape. This may have included trying on bigger bras, perhaps filled with an implant or rice so you can get used to the possible size and decide what you want.

When buying a bra for your new bust size, keep in mind the size you wanted to achieve before surgery. It is still recommended to be professionally fitted for a bra at each store, so you can be sure they fit correctly and give appropriate support.

8. Are there different types/shapes of implants?

The most common are round or teardrop shaped implants. You surgeon will help you to decide what implants suit your body shape best and will most likely achieve the shape you desire.

9. Are there certain types of implants that look more natural?

Gone are the days when women want their boobs to look fake, it's all about creating that natural, has she or hasn't she illusion nowadays.

There are different types of implant and your surgeon will recommend the shape, size and type of implant that will suit your body shape best and best achieve the look you want. Au naturel here you come.

10. How often do you have to get them checked?

Getting a boob job doesn't mean you have to become BFFs with your GP. Cosmetic surgeon Professor Venkat Ramakrishnan says, "The only time you'll need to get them checked is if there are symptoms of discomfort, hardening or lumpiness." Gotcha.

11. How often do you need to get them renewed?

Does one boob job really mean more like three boob jobs? Nope. Modern implants are much less likely to be at risk of rupture or need replacing. There is normally no expiry date on implants and they don't need regular replacement. However, anyone seeking augmentation must be told that there is a possibility that they may require two to four further operations to maintain the implants during their lifetime, depending on what age they seek the first augmentation operation.

12. What are the risks involved? Implant rupture, infection etc?

Like any surgery, there are risks involved and your surgeon should explain these to you at your initial consultation. Complications specific to breast enlargement include infection, which may need to be treated with additional antibiotics and sometimes further surgery. Signs of infection include pain that cannot be controlled with painkillers, swelling, oozing from wounds, fever and the breast being unusually hot to the touch.

13. Will there be scarring? Does this go away completely?

Another question we're forever asking is will there be any visible scaring? The answer is yes, but luckily this is kept to a minimum and usually hidden in the natural crease of the breast. Good. News.

At first scars will be red and noticeable but with time the colour and texture of them will fade to white.

14. Is it painful? What should you expect to feel like after the procedure?

We don't know about you but our pain threshold? It's not that good. So what does it actually feel like when you've got your new boobs?

You may experience some pain, swelling and tightness of the chest immediately after the procedure. For several weeks after the surgery you will need to wear a special supportive bra we give you to help your breasts ‘settle down’ and help you feel more comfortable.

When you get home you’ll need to take things easy at first. Arrange at least a week off work and you will gradually be able to return to normal activity within four to six weeks.

15. What anesthetic will be administered?

A general anaesthetic is administered which means you will be asleep for the duration of the procedure.

16. Will they feel different to real breasts? How?

Professor Venkat Ramakrishnan says, "If the implants are large and breast is small to begin with, then the implant feel will be firmer than normal breasts."

17. Does having a boob job affect your ability to breast feed?

The question every woman wants to know, and Professor Venkat Ramakrishnan advises that it doesn't. Phew! Although, it's worth being aware that, "following implants the breast skin will stretch more with pregnancy."

18. Do your nipples lose sensitivity?

Hey, it's an important question for obvious reasons! There is a risk of reduced nipple sensitivity depending on how your surgery will be done. During the procedure the nipple is not damaged at all however, it may be lifted up with the implants.

If you're concerned about nipple sensitivity then make sure you discuss it throughly with your surgeon beforehand.

19. How does fat transfer work? Is it the ‘new’ boob job?

Yes, transferring one load of body fat to somewhere else on your body is a thing. Fat transfer can work, but it's more of a temporary ‘boob job’ as the fat is naturally reabsorbed by the body. An implant is more permanent, but your surgeon should discuss all the options open to you.

20. If you get a breast reduction, is there a chance they can return to their natural size?

Results are permanent, but your bust can still increase because of pregnancy or weight gain. Don't we know that's the truth!

21. If you get implants removed, what happens to your boobs? Do they return to normal? Or do they look worse?

As much as we hate to admit it, us girls change our minds as much as we change our #ManCrushMonday, so while you might be loving your new boobs right now, the romance might not last forever. Of course you can have your breast implants removed, however you may need additional surgery to achieve a certain shape and your surgeon will be able to advise you on this.

22. If you get implants removed later in life, will your boobs be better/worse than if they’ve aged naturally?

Let's be real - if you choose to remove your implants later on in life, it's important to be realistic about the appearance of your skin... "The skin gets stretched and it will have more droopiness," says Professor Venkat Ramakrishnan. Timing is everything ladies.

23. What happens to your implants as you age?

Implants are made of high quality silicone and it usually remains the same as the day it was put in. But the scar tissue (capsule) around the implant will usually become thicker and make the breast feel firmer.

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