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13 Things You Never Knew About Nose Jobs

by Lareese Craig ,
13 Things You Never Knew About Nose Jobs

Will you be prone to nose bleeds forever more? Do your eyes swell to the size of a cricket ball? How long until you get to see the nose of your dreams? We asked the questions so you have the answers. Here's the things you never knew about nose jobs.

Cosmetic surgery isn't like getting a hair cut, you need to make sure you know the facts before you commit. Like, really know the facts.

We spoke to cosmetic nurse, Georgie Collins from Spire Cosmetic Surgery to find out all there is to know about getting a nose job.

1. Yeah OK, it's not pain-free, obvs

But listen, it's not forever. It's not rocket science, if someone's poking around in your nose, your face is gonna feel it. Georgie explains, "You will experience some pain, swelling and bruising around your nose and eyes immediately after the procedure but these side effects should settle within 2-3 weeks."

2. You will be asked a lot of questions but this is GOOD news

A reputable surgeon will ask about the motivations behind why you want surgery and the results you might want to achieve. They will also ask about your general health and medical history but remember, thorough is a good sign.

3. And you should ask the questions too

It's a two way street, you need to know about their medical background too. "You should always ask a surgeon about their professional experience and check with the registered bodies (BAAPS, BAPRA, GMC specialist for plastic surgery, etc) that they are indeed a qualified cosmetic surgeon and have no outstanding complaints against them. Ask if they do work for the NHS and what post they hold," says Georgie.

Ask a surgeon for examples of their previous work and see before/after photos of previous patients. You may be able to talk to these patients as well.

Always ask the surgeon to fully explain the risks and possible complications of the surgery for you.

4. There's more than one type of nose job FYI

There are two main types of rhinoplasty: reduction and augmentation, although there are a whole range of types and techniques. In a reduction rhinoplasty, cartilage and bone are removed or rearranged through cuts inside your nostrils to make the nose smaller. An augmentation rhinoplasty may involve enhancing certain features with bone or cartilage grafts, though this is actually quite a rare procedure.

Georgie explains, "It may be possible for the doctor to operate entirely through the nostrils, which is called 'closed' or 'septo' rhinoplasty, alternatively, they need to make a small cut known as 'open' rhinoplasty. He or she will advise you on this during your consultations. Whether you go under a general or local aesthetic will depend on the shape of your nose and which operation you choose."

The procedure usually takes two to three hours and you will spend a night or two in hospital.

5. Only proceed if you're 100% happy with the information you've received

No surgery can ever guarantee an outcome and people should be wary of anyone that suggests this. "Your surgeon should spend time with you discussing in detail what you want to change about your nose, if that can be achieved and what options are available. Never proceed with surgery until you are happy with the information the surgeon has provided you with and you feel aware of all the risks and possibilities," Georgie says.

6. You'll need to kick the smoking habit

For any surgery, it is always best if you stop smoking, as this can affect your healing process.

7. Bruising and swelling is a given

There will be bruising and swelling, particularly around your eyes, which can take about three weeks to settle.

Georgie explains, "Most closed rhinoplasty operations will take around two weeks to settle but if your nose is broken (as part of a re-shaping process) there will be some bruising around the eyes for longer. Open surgery will usually take four to six weeks to heal."

8. It's normal to bleed

Directly after surgery you will most likely have dressings inside your nostrils to absorb any bleeding for a few days.

"You may also find that your nose bleeds for a few days after you get home and you might have some pain, although painkillers will help with this."

9. Your nose will feel stiff

There will be bruising and swelling, particularly around your eyes, which can take about three weeks to settle and your nose will feel numb and stiff. Georgie says, "The numbness usually subsides within a couple of months but the stiffness is likely to be permanent and your nose may feel unnaturally hard."

10. You'll need at least 2 weeks out

You should be able to do normal physical tasks after a couple of days but Georgie recommends avoiding strenuous exercise or anything that may knock your nose for four to six weeks.

11. It can take several months before you see the final and true result

Patience is a virtue; one that will be totally worth it once you get to enjoy a new found confidence but the final result of your nose job will take time. "Most of the swelling should have gone by three months, depending on the type of surgery, but it can take several more months for the face to truly settle. Your surgeon will discuss end results with you in depth," Georgie explains.

12. Certain medication cannot be taken

Your surgeon will discuss medications in details with you before any surgery, and take a full medical history. In particular, anti-coagulants (blood thinners) will in most cases need to be stopped or reduced for the surgery.

13. Further surgery can be an option but not in all cases

If you're not entirely happy with the result, further surgery can be an option but it may be that a particular nose shape is just not possible for that patient. Repeated surgeries will not change this fact – a dependable surgeon will clearly discuss end results and what the patient can expect.

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