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13 Things Girls with Afro Hair are Sick of Hearing

by Tolani Shoneye ,
13 Things Girls with Afro Hair are Sick of Hearing© Pinterest

Dear non black people, It’s really not that complicated, it’s just hair, it grows on our heads just like yours, yes it’s big and curly and freaking fierce but it’s not as foreign as you think it is so please stop saying these things. Sincerely, black girl with afro.

"Can I touch it?”


You already have you hands all up in my afro, messing up my curl pattern, then you ask if you can touch. Like really, I am not a petting zoo.

“I wish I had hair like yours.”


Do you? Do you really wish you had hair like mine. More importantly do you think you have what it takes to rock a look this fierce?

“Can you wear it straight? You should wear it straight, I think it would look nice straight.”


Quite frankly I really don’t care how you like it, and to answer your question yes I can wear it straight, curly, wavy, braided or in a weave. However the hell I like!

“What happens when you wash it?”


It gets wet and then it dries. What do you think happens to it?

“You can hide things in you hair.”


HAHA! Round of applause to you for your originality. I have never heard that one before.

“ Your hair is different every time I see you, I don’t even regconise you.”


Oh really, so my face doesn’t help you out? No?

“My hair is really hard to brush, too.”


Ok since you want to compete with me, how many combs or brushes have you broke in your life time?

"I just don’t get how it just grows like that.”


What’s there to get? It’s not mathematics, you are not meant to work it out.

"When I leave my hair to naturally dry it’s like a proper afro.“


NO! No it really isn’t!

“Is your hair real? Where is your real hair underneath all of that.”


Just stop talking… I don’t need this kind of negativity in my life.

“I have a friend who has hair like yours.”


Oh you have another black friend, thanks for that information, now what would you like me to do with it.

“Can you cornrow my hair like yours.”



"You look like Solange."


This would be a compliment, if it was true in anyway shape or form.

“What’s a weave?”


Google is always your friend, go to him with all these questions.

Incase you didn't know just how fierce afro hair is, here are some girls who know how to rock a good ‘fro.

Get with the 'fro people.

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