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7 Things You Need To Stop Doing To Your Hair Right Now

by Rose Adams ,
7 Things You Need To Stop Doing To Your Hair Right Now

Hands in the air if you want healthy, soft, strands that make following the latest hair style tutorial a doddle? Well what if we told you when it comes to getting selfie ready glossy locks, it's actually all about what you shouldn't be doing to your hair as much as what you should be doing. Allow us to explain...

  1. · Brushing wet hair
  2. · Blow drying on maximum heat
  3. · Rubbing with a towel to dry
  4. · Using hot hair tools on wet hair
  5. · Wearing your hair too tight
  6. · Washing hair too often
  7. · Rinsing hair with hot water

Countless masks, serums, hairdressers appointments, and even supplements - we sure don't skip out on the tools needed to get good head (I'm talking about hairstyles you filthy lot). And yet, it's some of the smallest day-to-day hair habits ruining all our efforts to grow beautiful hair naturally. It's time to take note of these daily don'ts and banish them from our beauty routines stat, and say hey to healthy hair!

1. Brushing wet hair

If you're guilty of this then it's time to quit it now before it's too late! Brushing wet hair causes damage hair is weakened when wet. Instead, try drying your tresses completely before you brush. or opt for a wide tooth comb to detangle your knots - especially you curly haired gals!

2. Blow drying on maximum heat

The thought of never using your trusty hair dryer again may make you come over all sweaty, but relax - we're not saying it's time to ditch it for good, there are simply some golden rules to apply. Avoid the maximum heat setting in order not to dehydrate the lengths and always remember to maintain a safe distance, holding the dryer at least 8 inches from your hair so as not to cause heat damage. Got it!

3. Rubbing with a towel to dry

Rubbing hair violently with a towel after washing is a painful experience for our hair. This action tends to weaken the strands and make it more prone to breakage. Instead of mistreating your mane by rubbing it like there's no tomorrow, wring out excess water by gently twisting it, then wrap it in a towel for a few minutes before dabbing it gently. Alternatively, you can always try hair plopping to keep your curls happy and heat-free! Oh it's a thing. It basically involves wrapping an old t-shirt around your head and allowing to dry for half an hour.

4. Using hot hair tools on wet hair

Sometimes straighteners or curling tongs are our only chance of dodging a bad hair day, but the golden rule is to avoid using them on wet hair. Wait until all of the hair is 100% dry before using them, and of course always apply heat protection first. The bale of straw effect is never a good look and this can be easily avoided if your tresses are dried well before starting. Capeesh?

5. Wearing your hair too tight

Yes, the high ponytail so tight it makes your eyes water is trendy rn but that does not mean you should wear it every day. Wearing your tresses up too often or too tightly promotes breakage or in extreme cases, hair loss. Eek! Give hair a break by alternating tight styles (including tight braids and top knots) with looser hairstyles like a low side pony. Always give hair some freedom by wearing it down before going to bed too - this will also help with those high-ponytail related headaches.

6. Washing hair too often

In the least shocking news this year, shampooing hair every day is essentially the quickest way to p*ss it off. Not only does this tarnish our lengths, but it also attacks the scalp causing it to produce more sebum - the ingredient responsible for grease. It is best to space out washings to every other day at the very least, or if this is not possible (like if you have very fine hair for example) then stick to a gentle shampoo like Dr. Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.

7. Rinsing hair with hot water

We all love a hot shower but did you know that burning water excites the sebaceous glands? This speeds up the production of sebum actually making hair greasy more quickly. Don't worry, you don't have to go (literally) cold turkey with the hot showers, instead opt for a warm temp rather than hot - which is much better for the circulation anyway, and finish with a rinse of cold water to get those lengths shimmering and glossy.

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