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50 Flawless Hairstyle Ideas From Our Favourite Brunette Celebrities

by Lareese Craig Published on 18/05/2016 at 17:30
50 Flawless Hairstyle Ideas From Our Favourite Brunette Celebrities

If you're contemplating a move to the dark side, then you've landed in the right place. We've rounded up no less than 50 gorgeous hairstyle ideas from our fave brunette celebrities to give you all the inspiration you need. From true brown to sun soaked balayage, these ladies are out to prove that being brunette really is best.

  1. · True Brown
  2. · Black Brown
  3. · Sun-kissed strands
  4. · Reddish brown

There's no denying it, brown hair is sexy. One look at Kendall Jenner and her deep brunette tresses can tell you that. It's classy, it's mysterious and it looks hella sleek when all swept back into a tiny bun - it's no wonder the A-listers are still digging chocolate hues for every occasion.

Check out all the celebrities giving us dark hair goals aplenty!

True Brown

emily ratajkowski hair
emily ratajkowski hair

One of the best things about brown hair is that radiant AF shine that comes with it. Introducing the original brunettes. For those of you who are looking to go for a classic warm hue, K-Middy is your gal pal for life. This perfectly natural shade complements all skin tones so it's a pretty safe bet, should you be considering a total restyle. Just the right side of red, with all the cooler tones of a true brunette, this kinda shade is the Goldilocks of the brunette colour wheel. Take. A. Spin. ASAP.

Black Brown

bella hadid hair
bella hadid hair

​Now, there's not many of us in this world that can successfully pull off hair that's almost as black as a raven's wing, but Katy Perry and Kendall Jenner do a pretty good job of it. If you've got a slightly olive skin tone you'll look the bomb with this cooler shade - just make sure you get some glossy blue tones in there too a la Miss Jenner's signature shine.

Sun-kissed strands

miranda kerr hair
miranda kerr hair

Unfortunately, going a solid colour all over isn't always a good look. I speak from experience when I say a box-bottle of choccy brown hair dye isn't going to end well and I have the pics of my death black hair to prove it. Why not try something a little less harsh on the face by opting for balayage or multi-tonal highlights? That way you'll still be a sophisticated brunette, just with all the sass of a honeyed blonde. Softer, lighter, feminine, elegant ah, we could be here a while...

Reddish brown

eva mendes hair
eva mendes hair

What better way to ignite your brunette locks than with a healthy glaze of warm red tones? If you're unsure about totally committing to the brunette life, then adding in some soft and subtle red undertones could be the perfect go between for you. And, what's more, when the summer sunshine hits those lighter segments they'll will look b-e-a-utiful don't cha think?

Just look at Eva Mendes's beautiful multi-tones for inspo!

Are you thinking of going brunette? We'd love to see your helfies! Tweet us @sofeminineUK!

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