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Move Over Hidden Rainbow Hair, Glitter Undercuts Have Arrived

by Lareese Craig ,
Move Over Hidden Rainbow Hair, Glitter Undercuts Have Arrived© @rebeccataylorhair

Got a festival lined up for summer? The new and improved undercut could be the style you call upon for the occasion but only if you're ready and willing to hear the dulcet tones of shears in your ears. Introducing the glitter undercut - it has all the appeal of its predecessor, only this time round it's sparkly and it's bejewelled, making whipping your hair even more satisfying.

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If you're not willing to go the whole hog and lob off the last eight years of your hair's life, then the glittered undercut could be a good little festival fling for you. Shining through your hair like a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow or sparkling away underneath your ponytail, however you want to wear the trend one thing's for sure, it's going to make you the centre of attention.

This video by Super Deluxe sees hair stylist Cici Anderson taking us through the how to achieve the look one step at a time. From sectioning the undercut, bleaching the hair, shaping the design and, the all important part - mixing the glitter and gems with hair gel so they stick to your head. It's possibly one of the most satisfying videos we've ever watched. You see buzzing your hair off doesn't have to be a terrifying affair, not when there's glitter involved.


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Lareese Craig
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