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The Pastelage Trend Is Making All Our Spring Hair Dreams Come True

by Lareese Craig ,
The Pastelage Trend Is Making All Our Spring Hair Dreams Come True

Balayage is back with a brand new beat and it's called... pastelage. The latest Instagram-worthy hair trend uses the natural hair colouring technique to create beautiful pastel tones. A spring revamp just in time for Coachella? It would be rude not to.

Balayage is yet to be trumped as the go-to hair colouring technique and for good reason. Championed by the likes of Jen An and Jessica Alba, there's just nothing quite like beautiful hand painted highlights to give your tresses that subtle sun-kissed effect.

But sometimes the occasion doesn't always call for honey blonde or 50 shades of caramel, what about those of us who are destined to be unicorns? Well, no need to shed your magic tears yet because pastelage is here to make sure our locks are looking as spring happy as the blossom trees on our Instagram feed.

The pastelage trend uses all the same freehand techniques as classic balayage, only instead of applying varying shades of blonde, bronde and blonde this look is achieved using... you got it! Pastel hues. From soft sunset 'blorange' shades and subtle lavender through to icy cool mints - there's plenty of shades to play with and, rumour has it, Coachella approves.

Ok, so it's not the most cray cray groundbreaking trend we've ever come across, but the effect is mesmerising. See below case in point. Permission to ditch the dirty blonde for something a little more unicorn-like? It's what the boss would want.

pastel balayage hair trend © Pinterest
pastel balayage hair trend
See album

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Lareese Craig
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