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Rainbow Headband Hair Is Here To Up Your Festival Beauty Game

by Rose Adams ,
Rainbow Headband Hair Is Here To Up Your Festival Beauty Game

Somewhere, over the rainbow... there is a new, colourful AF hairstyle you need to try right this instant. Forget searching for that illusive pot of gold and put your time to better use by practising this pretty rainbow headband 'do instead.

While an all out multi-coloured unicorn mane may be so 2016, we're not fully over our obsession with anything rainbow related. In 2017 we still love rainbows and we still love hair, we just want to do it in a more subtle, grown-up way instead. Enter: rainbow hairband hair.

Remember those velvet headbands with your name written on in pearly splodges you wore back at school? Well this is reminiscent of that but 1000x cooler.

Just like hidden rainbow hair before it, rainbow headband hair gives you a temporary colour fix that won't get you fired from your corporate office job. The trailblazer behind the statement trend is New York-based Bumble & Bumble hairstylist, Allen Thomas Wood, who created this look at Fashion Week.

The way he slicked back the front of the hair so tightly, before applying a spectrum of colour using a hair stencil makes for a flawless application, and proves he has the steadiest hand in the business. There's not a hair out of place.

Once his creative juices were flowing, he took it bolder for the finale show with this 'rainbow prism headband' style which creates even more of an impact than the first.

We have to admit his attention to detail has got us shook, we've got a feeling this might take us a few goes to get right.

Let us know your thoughts on this colourful trend @soFeminineUK!

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Rose Adams
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