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Tried & Tested: The Exfoliating Hair Detox

by Victoria Williams ,
Tried & Tested: The Exfoliating Hair Detox

Exfoliators have secured their place in our skincare routines nicely alongside our daily cleansers and moisturisers but when it comes to haircare, exfoliating has quite frankly never been a priority. The hair experts at Grow Gorgeous are determined to change that mindset with their new Scalp Detox - a pre-wash treatment to remove product build up at the roots and promote healthy hair growth. We put it to the test...

  1. · Lareese - Editor
  2. · Victoria - Community & Product Reviews Manager
  3. · Helen Turnbull - Social Media Editor
  4. · Rose Adams - Social Media Assistant

Lareese - Editor

I have more hair than a horse and my loose strands have ended up in some unsightly places in my time - and I mean unsightly. I've always been pretty good at my skin homework, so much so I can't remember a time I've ever gone to sleep in my makeup, ever. Pretty good for a 26 year old, eh? My hair, on the other hand, doesn't have quite the same squeaky-clean record.

I have a really sensitive scalp, so much so a little bit of air con and I am itching like a four year old laced with nits. Dry shampoo, hairspray, conditioning masks - they all carry the risk of sending my skull into a deep downward spiral, so I try to do the bare minimal to my hair to avoid such drama.

I've gone down the natural shampoo route, I've dabbled with the herbal remedies and I've even had a specialist scalp treatment at the Philip Kingsley Trichological Clinic, all of which seemed to ease the itch and burn for a while but the respite is always short lived. At this point, I'm willing to try anything to stop myself becoming the real life version of that Dandruff advert where the poor woman is on a date and itching her head under the table. Yep, that'll be me at this rate but not before Grow Gorgeous's Exfoliating Hair Detox puts my sensitive crown through its paces.

The natural castor oil beads and pomegranate enzymes gently buff away product build-up and impurities as well as protecting the hair from pollution and UV damage. It also happens to smell pretty darn babin'.

As it's a pre-wash treatment, your hair doesn't feel heavy after use, as is the case with some leave-in products. My hair felt fresh, clean and revived from the first wash and, after prolonged use my scalp seems to be a little less angry at life. I've also noticed it increases time between each wash thanks to the oil-absorbing minerals - so for that reason, it's every lazy girl's dream. I'm going to stick with this one and hope it can make an honest woman of me.

Victoria - Community & Product Reviews Manager

I'll be the first to admit exfoliating my hair and scalp is not something I've ever really thought about but when I heard about Grow Gorgeous' Scalp Detox it started to all make sense. With everything our hair goes through, (dry shampoo, textursing sprays, deep-conditioners etc), it's no wonder product starts to build up at our roots, limiting our hair growth. As someone trying to grow their hair this is NOT OK.

Firstly, and very importantly, the packaging makes this a pretty addition to your bathroom shelf. It's one of those products to keep on show rather than hide in the back of the cabinet next to the shaving foam and the Sudocrem.

As per the instructions, I massaged a generous amount of the treatment into my roots before my usual shampoo and conditioner. As I have relatively thick hair, I did find it a little difficult to get right to the roots of my hair without getting it all over the rest in the process. It doesn't foam up in the same way as a shampoo so is a little trickier to spread. The smell is invigorating and refreshing, probably thanks the the pomegranate enzymes, but it also has a slight minty scent which is always a pro for me.

The Castor Oil beads made the treatment a little reminiscent of an old school facial scrub and I did find a couple of these left in my hair when I brushed it through after washing but that's probably just due to my laziness. It's definitely a treatment to be saved for long pamper evenings rather than your quick morning shower.

After drying my hair, my scalp already felt cleaner, healthier and my locks swishier. Fingers crossed this will give me the healthy flowing locks of my dreams. If your hair gets greasy easily and is struggling to grow past a certain length then go for a detox and give it the 'Hair-cation' it needs (their words not mine).

Helen Turnbull - Social Media Editor

I've never had a professional tell me what type of scalp I have but I'd guess it's a sensitive soul - even using the wrong shampoo a few days in a row or a brush too-vigorous makes it feel itchy and uncomfortable. Therefore you can imagine my joy when this landed on my desk with the promise of detoxing my scalp beyond its wildest dreams.

My haircare routine is simple but effective (or at least I think it is) and involves a daily wash and conditioning my tresses every other day - I have fine hair so it's recommended I don't condition it any more than that. Grow Gorgeous' Scalp Detox treatment comes before all of this and patience, which I lack, is required.

It doesn't 'glide' over the scalp as the packaging claims but perseverance prevailed and I managed to cover the most part of my nut. It was the waiting for the ingredients to work their magic that I struggled with but I stuck it out. It wasn't until I'd completely washed it out - which requires a thorough scrubbing - that I felt the effects; my scalp felt thoroughly cleansed and once I'd washed and conditioned my hair, the lengths felt extra healthy, too.

If you have scalp woes, I'd definitely recommend regular use of this but if not, I can't see it being essential to your haircare regime but then again, I ain't no hairdresser.

Rose Adams - Social Media Assistant

When it comes to exfoliating, I have to admit I'm normally guilty of skipping it because once I've throughly cleansed, toned and moisturised my face, I'm ready to hit the hay. So you can imagine I wasn't too eager to add another step to my hair washing routine as well. BUT bear with me here. In this case I was wrong - exfoliating my scalp is exactly what I needed, I just didn't know it.

As I have long hair, I like to make a bit of an evening of my bi-weekly wash when I have a lot of time - a ten-minute hair wash on the way out the door wouldn't work for me, and when you try out this product I would suggest you invest more minutes too, as it does take a while to get rid of ALL the granules, particularly in thicker hair like mine. After a lot of rubbing and massaging to remove the product from my scalp, I rinsed it as per the instructions before shampooing and conditioning.

After blow drying, my hair definitely felt softer and cleaner - I'm guessing that's due to properly removing all that dry shampoo build up! I've used this product two more times since and the difference in the health of my scalp is noticeably healthier and I don't even suffer from any scalp dilemmas, so imagine what it could do for someone with sensitive roots. Give this a go when you've got time to pamper your mane - your head will thank you for it.

We will be giving away 50 Grow Gorgeous Scalp Detox's to be tested this week on Experts Club!

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