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Supermarkets Are Now Selling A DIY £30 Hair Salon Treatment For £3

by Rose Adams ,
Supermarkets Are Now Selling A DIY £30 Hair Salon Treatment For £3

If you're tired of spending both precious hours and your hard earned dosh in the hairdressers on the quest for shiny, salon smooth locks, then your prayers may about to be answered. Enter: a shampoo and conditioner you can pick up on your weekly shop for the same price as a meal deal. Warning: the following hair news may cause celebratory hair flicks...

I think I speak for everyone when I say healthy, swish worthy locks are top of every girl's wish list. I'm talking about hair so healthy it shines like that woman in the nineties Herbal Essences ad. Unfortunately for us though, that usually involves multiple trips to the salon and parting with a lot of cash we don't have in the process. Until now that is.

You may have heard beauty insiders singing the praises of a salon product known as Olaplex, or you may have even tried it yourself, basically it does wonderful things for your hair. This is down to its formula containing the wonder plex technology which permanently rebuilds broken bonds in the hair shaft. It's especially effective for colour treated hair that's extra thirsty for a moisture boost, but it if often used without colour too.

Get ready to give a little fist pump because there's now a new wave of DIY strengthening treatments which you can use at home containing this very technology, and the best news is you can pick them up while out doing your weekly shop for as little as £3. That's less than your Pret lunch guys. I KNOW.

Syoss Salonplex shampoo and conditioner, developed specifically for coloured, straightened and sensitised hair, is
now stocked at Tesco stores for £3 a pop for a super sized 500ml bottle, which means it will last too.

​The salon treatment Olaplex makes hair soft, glossy and extends the life of your colour, so try out these little gems for the same results at a fraction the cost. The benefits are said to accumulate over washes so be patient if you don't get super shiny tresses after one wash.

We're putting it straight to the top of our shopping list, next to avocados of course.

Will you be giving Syoss a whirl? Let us know @SoFeminineUK!

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