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This Guy Creates Insane Hair Art On Instagram And We're *Totally* Obsessed

by Rose Adams ,
This Guy Creates Insane Hair Art On Instagram And We're *Totally* Obsessed© Instagram

If you're looking for a new wow-worthy Instagram account to follow, then look no further than George Kot whose incredibly crafty creations will make your basic French plait look even more, erm, basic.

We're forever on the hunt for a new Instagram account to obsess over (and secretly scroll when our boss isn't looking of course) and they don't come much better than @georgiykot, who is totally slaying the hair game right now.

While we're out here struggling to make our hassle-free hun look half decent, he's busy creating the most uh-mazing twists, braids, up dos, and flowers, yes FLOWERS out of hair. Put simply, he's our new hair hero.

The way he takes his clients' and mannequins' tresses from bland to beautiful, creating designs that are nothing less than works of art, is mesmerising. We're beyond impressed at his serious skills and now that we can't stop pouring over these pics, we're struggling to get any work done. Here's our pick of his pics:

For a serious case of hair envy, check out George's Instagram page @georgiykot.

​Georgy if you're reading this, please come and work your magic on our barnets for our Saturday night out - we'll pay you in wine. In the meantime, we're off to watch his tutorials and practise on our lunch break.

Tell us what you think of this shamazing art @SofeminineUK!

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