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Weave hair extensions

by the editorial team Published on 16 June 2009
Weave hair extensions

The stylist attaches extensions directly to your existing hair to lengthen and thicken it.

How do weave hair extenions work?

The most difficult part is choosing extensions that match your hair colour and hair type, to give as natural a result as possible.

How are weave hair extensions put in?

The stylist attaches lengths of hair usually 50mm from the root of your natural hair using:

> Keratin, which is a glue that becomes virtually invisible once it has dried and set. Keratin is an insoluble protein that occurs naturally in the epidermis and in the hair. It gives hair its solidity.

>Micro-rings, which are tiny metal clips that are squeezed onto your hair with special pliers.

>Plaits, weaves can also be literally woven into your hair with small plaits at close to your scalp or all the way down. This is most popular with afro hair.

How long do weave hair extensions last?

First of all, it depends on the quality of the weave extensions you have put in. Good quality ones can last up to 5 months. As a rule, standard weave extensions last 2 months.

Oil can damage the bonds between the hair and the weave so make sure you wash your hair carefully and keep your scalp oil free.

How do you look after weave hair extensions?

It's obvious that hair with extensions needs extra care. You don't need to change your shampoo, but you should wash your hair more often (minimum 3 times a week).

Don't forget to use a hair mask at least once a week on the ends - not on the roots. Make sure you brush your hair very regularly so that it doesn't get knotted.

You'll also need to visit your stylist once a month to remove the short hairs that get caught in the keratin.

Do extensions damage hair?

Weave hair extensions aren't risk free. They can asphyxiate your hair natural hair like parasites. Your natural hair doesn't get as much oxygen, it can become fragile and damaged.

How much do weave hair extensions cost?

A single weave extension costs around £5. You can expect to pay upwards of £50, and more for length (rather than texture or highlights). Don't forget to check whether removal is included in the price as well.

- Published on 16 June 2009
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