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10 Winter Hairstyles For The Lazy Girl In You

by Pascale Day Published on 18/11/2016 at 15:00
10 Winter Hairstyles For The Lazy Girl In You© Pinterest

Winter is a season ain't not nobody got time for. Our make-up routine is ruined and our hair styling goes out the window. I mean, what's they point in curling your hair and putting your face on when the elements are going to blow out those curls and leave mascara streaked all down your cheeks? But just because winter means bad weather, doesn't mean it has to equal bad hair. Check out our lazy gal hacks for a stress-free 'do that'll keep you chic even in the chilliest conditions.

  1. · High pony
  2. · Sleek bun
  3. · Halo braid
  4. · Baby half-up
  5. · Plaited ponytail
  6. · Poker straight
  7. · Plaits every which way
  8. · Half bun
  9. · Brushed out waves
  10. · Get it twisted

High pony

There has never been a period in time where a high pony doesn't come in handy. It's a style that you can't go wrong with, and looks perf on all hair types and lengths. It's almost impossible to mess up, too - just pull it up high on the crown of your head and secure with a hairband. There's nothing time consuming about that.

© Pinterest

Sleek bun

The sleek bun serves a dual purpose: not only does it make you look hella sophisticated, but it also keeps those pesky strays off your face when it's crazy windy and you're trying to get somewhere in a rush. High or low, this is as easy or as complicated as you'd like it to be.

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Halo braid

Possibly one of the most beautiful updos there is, the halo braid may be a little more complicated than some of the other winter hairstyles but if you can get it right, you'll be batting away questions on how to do it left, right and centre.

© Pinterest

Baby half-up

How adorable is this hairstyle?! It's the perfect and easiest way to upgrade your dull down 'do to something a little cuter. And all you gotta do is grab half your hair and plonk it in a hairband on the top of your head. Yeah, it really is that easy.

© Pinterest

Plaited ponytail

If you're bored of doing a plain old pony every day, spice it up a little bit by twisting a plait into it. The great thing about it is, it looks kinda difficult, but it's actually really easy. You literally just section a bit of hair off, plait it, and add it to your ponytail.

© Pinterest

Poker straight

A perfect, no-muss-no-fuss look if you've already got straight hair, and easy to achieve if you haven't. A little bit of anti-frizz serum and a pair of straighteners is all you need, and it works on short or long hair. Tres ​sophistiqué if we do say so ourselves.

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Plaits every which way

The great thing about this style is it's so versatile. There are so many different types of plaits that this look is never going to be boring. There's a plait for every day of the week. So even if you opt for the same style day in, day out, a change of a plait goes a looong way.

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Half bun

URGH. Isn't this just the most simple thing in the world to do with your hair? It requires zero skill and zero brain power, meaning on those cold winter mornings you don't have to get up any earlier in order to style it out right - in fact, you could probably just throw up your hun from the comfort of your own bed. What could be better than that?

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Brushed out waves

There's nothing like a bit of rain to draw out the curliness of your hair, am I right ladies? There's nothing more frustrating than getting your hair perfectly straight, only for it to curl up when the weather's a bit damp. But these days the messy curl is in, so give it a brush and you'll be bang on trend. And for those who don't have a curl to their hair but want one oh-so much, just give your hair a gentle curl and then simply brush it through! Voila! Brushed-out curls a plenty!

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Get it twisted

This hairstyle will have everyone fooled - see, it looks like it takes some kind of hair finessing skills to create it, but secretly it's easy as. Give it a twist, secure it with a hairband or some hair grips, and you're done for the day. A cute winter look that'll have everyone in awe of your hair magic.

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What's your favourite hairstyle for winter? Let us know! @sofeminineUK

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