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If You Thought Rainbow Hair Was Cool, Wait Until You See Glow-in-the-Dark Rainbow Hair

by Helen Turnbull ,
If You Thought Rainbow Hair Was Cool, Wait Until You See Glow-in-the-Dark Rainbow Hair

Rainbow trends come and go but this latest spin on multi-coloured manes is extra special. Neon hair is lit, quite literally. The brainchild of Hollywood hairdresser Guy Tang, the aptly-titled Phoenix Neon Glowing Hair dye job promises fiery flames by day and luminous locks by night i.e. the closest you'll come to possessing a super power. Glow on - you know you want to.

Move over Lisa Frank, it's time for Guy Tang to step into the spotlight, quite literally. The Hollywood-based hairdresser is lighting up Instagram one post at a time with his glow-in-the-dark rainbow hair dye job. Tang has taken the trend for multi-coloured manes to a whole new galaxy thanks to his ingenious formula that gives you highly-pigmented pink and orange tresses by day and luminous locks by night.

Tang has shared the finished results of the first (and so far only) successful Phoenix Neon Glowing Hair transformation on his Instagram page and it can only be described as mesmerising. To achieve the mystical-like mane he used Kenra Colour Creative Neon Collection dye - a brand exclusively sold to salons and colourists so this isn't something you can try at home which is probably for the best.

Tang is the only colourist to brave the tricky trend but something tells us it won't be long before his rivals follow in his footsteps...

See the Phoenix Neon Glowing Hair tutorial in full below:-


Will you be giving glow-in-the-dark rainbow hair a glow? Let us know @sofeminineUK

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