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8 Gothic Makeup Trends To Vamp Up Your Winter Beauty Routine

by Pascale Day ,
8 Gothic Makeup Trends To Vamp Up Your Winter Beauty Routine

Winter: 'Tis the season to get vampy! That's right, it's time to throw out the fake tan and embrace your pale side, because goth chic is back. This year it's all about black lips, red eyes and bleached brows. Sound right up your street? Then read on...

  1. · Black Lips
  2. · Vampy Ombre Lips
  3. · Red Eyeshadow
  4. · Tear Drops
  5. · Lived-In Liner
  6. · Black Dahlia Lip
  7. · Bleached brows
  8. · Hair horn

We remember back in the nineties when the word goth used to carry a lot of negative connotations, but luckily for all those vamp-loving ladies, goth beauty is back and bigger than ever. We're talking dark dark makeup and statement hairstyles. And whilst not all dark makeup looks are easy to emulate, we've got the tutorials to help you along the way.

Black Lips

It may have been a bit Nancy-Downs-from-The-Craft, but 2016 has managed to breathe new life into noir lips. And you know that a lip colour's here to stay when the queen of lip kits gets her hands on it: Kylie Jenner recently released a new matte black lip kit that fans have gone crazy for. Black lipstick can be a daunting prospect for those who want to try it out - beware of smudging! - so try this tutorial:


Here's the best black lipsticks a gal can buy:​​

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Vampy Ombre Lips

If you're not feeling brave enough to try out black lipstick just yet, just ombre your way there! The two-tone effect really gives your lips depth. But hey, it's not the easiest lip trick to master, so watch this tutorial before giving it a go:


Here's all the products you need to master the ombre lip:

© maccosmetics.co.uk
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Red Eyeshadow

Kristen Stewart recently teamed up with Chanel to make the ultimate grunge chic combo. The Chanel makeup artists decided to try something a little unconventional - a red smokey eye. And honestly? It really works! There is always the worry that a red eye is going to make you look totally tired, but this look is anything but. Check it out here:


​Here's what you'll need:

© chanel.com
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Tear Drops

Not only had Perrie Edwards given us life when it comes to the new Little Mix single, Shout Out To My Ex - which is totally our singleton jam right now - her awesome teardrop makeup in the video has got us searching all over the internet for a tutorial. Well don't panic, because we've found the perfect tutorial for you - by Adam Burrell, the man who created the look! Check it out here:


Here's all the products Adam uses for the look:

© maccosmetics.co.uk
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Lived-In Liner

Good news gals: y'know when you're late to work after a night out and you don't have time to wash your makeup off from the night before? Well, that's in fashion now! Halle-flaming-lujah And, like everything that gets a beauty blogger makeover, it actually looks really good. There's not much finessing necessary with this look - because you know how to smudge your own makeup - but here's a little tutorial just in case:

Check out the best products for this look:

© maccosmetics.co.uk
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Black Dahlia Lip

A more sinister play on the wine stain trend, this Black Dahlia inspired lip seen on Erdem matched with pale skin is very roaring 20s and hella vintage - and there's nothing we love more than a golden age makeover, right ladies? If you really wanna give this look a go, use a classic wine-stain tutorial and get pouting with Nars Toy Velvet Lip Glide - because hey, if you wanna emulate Erdem, you gotta use what they use. Here's a quick tutorial:


Just FYI, this is what you'll need:

Bleached brows

Introducing the bold brow backlash, this look is not for the faint-hearted. But that's what makes it even more badass, right? It's amazing what an invisible eyebrow can do to a face shape. Team a bleached brow with any of the above looks and you're going to stand out from the crowd in the best way.


Here's the best brow bleaches around:

© superdrug.com
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Hair horn

Seeing as the 20s seems to be a modern reincarnation of goth chic, why not run with the idea and try out these hair horns - curated at the Gareth Pugh show this year. It'll look like you've stepped straight out of Narnia...


What you'll need to give this look a go:

© kevinmurphy.com
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What are your gothic makeup tricks? Let us know! @sofeminineUK

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