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This Peel-Off Lip Stain Trend Looks Both Satisfying & Disgusting All At Once

by Lareese Craig ,
This Peel-Off Lip Stain Trend Looks Both Satisfying & Disgusting All At Once© Youtube Harriet Murray

We all know how satisfying it is to peel off a face mask, maybe not one of those rip-your-face-off charcoal bad boys, but the kind you used to do round a pal's house while you were watching Sabrina The Teenage Witch. But did you ever stop and think, man I wish there was something like this for my lips! And if it could leave your lips stained with colour that would be even better... well your wishes came true today my ol' friend.

Even the most glamorous of us have to admit, there's something so darn satisfying about peeling a face mask off and holding up the flappy second skin like a trophy of your hard labour. Nose strips - that goes for you too.

Born out of Korea (obviously, because aren't all the best and craziest trends?) this Berrisom peel-off lip stain is kind of a big deal. It comes in a lip gloss formula that you apply onto your pout, keeping within the lip line. After 10 minutes of setting time, you're primed to peel. This is where the fun begins!

Starting at the corners, you then gently remove your very own lip skin *shudder*, before celebrating your triumphant snake-like shred. You can then take a moment to reflect on the warrior that you are, maybe dance around a bit, just you and your layer of skin. Maybe you can consider framing it like a piece of umbilical cord wall art - if you so please. I jest, I jest.

All joking aside, and as weird as it is to sit there and peel off your own lips, it does appear to serve a very practical purpose. Just look at this vlogger testing it out below - that is some serious staying power! And that is something we can dance about.


As satisfaction goes, this could also beat seeing your blackheads decapitated on the back of that nose strip. It's a close defeat but a defeat nonetheless.

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Lareese Craig
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