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Clip On Teeth Veneers Are Here To Make You Look Like A Real Life Ross Geller

by Lareese Craig ,
Clip On Teeth Veneers Are Here To Make You Look Like A Real Life Ross Geller

Filters we get, makeup we get, temporary tattoos we get, but clip on teeth? Nope, nah-uh - not quite comprehending that one. In the latest Instagram pursuit of perfection, faux veneers are doing the rounds and making every 'grammers dream of a flawless Hollywood smile come true.

We're not afraid to admit we've clipped clothes pegs onto the end of our nose before but we've never known the luxury of clip on teeth, until now.

'Clip on Veneers' are going down a treat on Instagram with gals and guys alike flashing their newly aligned, white-as-the-snow-that-falls-in-winter gnashers. We're talking Ross Geller white and Rylan Clark size wise. Can you picture that for us? Good.

? This is why we love our job @clipon_veneersuk #changes #cliponveneers

A post shared by Clipon_veneersuk (@clipon_veneersuk) on Mar 17, 2017 at 6:08am PDT

The revolutionary product is designed to be a cost-effective solution (a pair will set you back about £375) for covering any chipped, crooked or missing teeth, so you can achieve the perfect smile on a budget.

All you've got to do is pick out a shade of white (natural or bleached), then you'll be sent a tray and some putty to take your moulds for the veneers. Once they're made up they'll be delivered right to your door, just like your monthly ASOS delivery, only this time with teeth in tow.

While the concept of clipping on a sparkling set of teeth does seem a little creepy, smiles are a big deal and if wearing a retainer of impeccably straight, pearly whites makes you feel more confident, then go get it girls and boys. But you should also know that your smile, with all its imperfections, is good with us too!

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