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Harry Potter Fans Are Flipping Out Over These New Lipsticks

by Lareese Craig ,
Harry Potter Fans Are Flipping Out Over These New Lipsticks

Turns out, magic doesn't fix everything after all. LASplash Cosmetics have named 17 liquid to matte lipsticks after some of JK Rowling's most beloved characters but Harry Potter fans are less than impressed with one particular shade. Here's why...

When makeup and Harry Potter collide you'd think magic sparks would fly, but us Muggles are a hard bunch to crack and we don't miss a trick!

LASplash Cosmetics have launched a 17-piece fantasy collection of magical lippies in homage to Harry Potter and the wizarding world but if you look closely something is very, very wrong...

While HP fans are over the moon about the collection itself and perfecting their pink Hermione pout once and for all, less can be said for the lippy swatches and corresponding characters' names. Ravenclaw, red? Are you Sirius? The house colour is blue. BLUE.

Other out-there shades include Nymphadora Tonks, Severus Snape, Bellatrix, Sirius Black, Hermione Granger, Luna Lovegood, Ginny Weasley, and Mad-Eye Moody - all of which will come in very handy for Halloween.

Alright, so there's no point in crying over spilt potion. Let's focus on the good news! Fans can now incorporate their fave characters into their everyday looks and that's definitely something to hop on our brooms and shout about!

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Lareese Craig
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