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Make-up Artist Transforms 80-year-old Nan Into The Ultimate Glam-Ma

by Helen Turnbull ,
Make-up Artist Transforms 80-year-old Nan Into The Ultimate Glam-Ma© Tea Flego/Instagram

Gran-touring could just be the latest beauty trend to sweep social media thanks to the talented make-up artist that is Tea Flego. For her latest project, the Instagram sensation has enlisted the help of her beloved 80-year-old grand parent Livia who plays the model client and pulls off the ultimate glam-sformation.

Glam ma - before and after © Tea Flego/Instagram
Glam ma - before and after
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The art of contouring has outlived other make-up trends, which is largely Kim Kardashian’s doing, but now bronzing and highlighting your face in all the right places to make the most of your natural beauty has found its way into the life of an 80-year-old grandma and her peers.

​Croatian born make-up artist Tea Flego - who is somewhat of an Instagram star, boasting a following of over 73K - braved the decision to give her gran Livia a modern makeover and it’s made for epic results. As well as contouring her face, Tea applied flirty fake eyelashes and a generous slick of glossy peach lippy to complete her granny’s look which has shaved the years off her.

The pictures depicting Livia’s transformation have been shared on her granddaughter’s Instagram account and it’s safe to say they’ve gone viral. Talking about her look, she said: 'Why wouldn’t I go to the nursing home ball with full make-up and look 30 years younger?’

It’s not only Livia who’s been impressed with what a few strokes here and there can do as Tea revealed that the residents of her nursing home are keen to copy. 'My GLAM-MA has made a new trend in nursing home! A bunch of 80-year-old ladies wants to contour and glow. Meet glam-ma's friend Maria, #glamma,’ she wrote on the app.

Would you make over your own grandma like this? Let us know @sofeminineuk

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