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21 Pretty Gross Things Every Girl Secretly Does

by Rose Adams ,
21 Pretty Gross Things Every Girl Secretly Does

From tweezing any thing that can be tweezed to some, ahem, extremely questionable period habits, we're all guilty of being super-gross at times behind closed doors. We guarantee you'll find no judgement here. Promise.

We females like to think we are innocent, hygienic and completely flawless creatures - and most of the time we are. We're experts when it comes to transforming our barnet from a bird's nest into an immaculate bee-hive and can rock unsteady six-inch heels with no probs, but when we're on our lonesome, it's a totally different story.

You might be lucky enough to live alone and can be freely gross 24/7 no questions asked, but if you live with your significant other, it's a little more difficult to hide, making those stolen moments alone to squeeze all our spots a gift sent from heaven.

​Yup, our public, preened persona is a far cry from how gross we're capable of being behind closed doors. Enjoy our list of secret habits we would never admit to doing - not even to our closest gal pals. You may try and pretend you ain't guilty but hey, there's no shame, we're all in this together!

1. Cross examining your face for ANY trace of black or white heads, then going in on a mad squeezing marathon and REALLY enjoying it

2. Squeezing spots in changing room mirrors 'cos the lighting is just so much better in there

3. Only shaving the part of the leg that's on show

Smooth ankles, fluffy everything above it is!

4. ... and only fake tanning the bits that are on show, usually using the rule of three: hands, feet and face

White bod, orange hands and feet is all over the runway, don't y'know?



5. Sleeping with your make-up on after a night out, then just topping it up the next day

6. Stuffing tissues in your pants to create a makeshift pad when you come on your period unprepared

7. Sniffing the armpit of your jumper or T-shirt before dressing to see if you can realistically get another day's wear out of it

8. Sniffing our actual armpits for the crucial B.O check, then freaking out with deodorant if said area whiffs



9. Wearing the same bra for a week without washing it 'cos it's the one that fits best

10. Realising your hair is 90% dry shampoo by the end of the week

Another day won't hurt...

11. ... And giving your head a good, long satisfying scratch when the grease makes it hella itchy

12. Painting over your acrylics/shellac in a similar colour to hide the regrowth so you don't have to get them done for another week

WHY do they only last three weeks?

13. Never, ever cleaning your make up brushes



14. Looking into the toilet bowl to see how red it's turned after you've peed during that time of the month, and being fascinated by how it looks like you've just given birth to an alien life form

15. That mad dash to dry off and get some underwear on after a shower when you're on your period, so you don't suffer any dreaded leakage

16. Picking out hairs that have found themselves in your butt crack after washing your hair

A MAJOR issue for long haired gals, amiright?

17. Sticking loose hair on the walls of the shower when you wash your hair, and swirling it around to it make it look like some interesting contemporary art piece

18. Taking a flannel shower when you're short on time 'cos a full on shower would just slow you down



19. Tweezing anything and everything

No stray hair is safe.

20. Sitting around just chilling in your towel for like five hours after taking a shower, 'cos y'know, getting dressed requires effort

21. Squeezing and holding onto your boobs for dear life when running up the stairs braless, to reduce any painful bounce

Are you guilty of these habits? 'Fess up and let us know @SofeminineUK!

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