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The Best Makeup For Blue Eyes: How To Make Your Baby Blues Pop!

by Rose Adams ,
The Best Makeup For Blue Eyes: How To Make Your Baby Blues Pop!

Blue eyed beauties listen up and listen good, 'cos we're here to give you a lesson in exactly how to accentuate those gorgeous peepers you've been blessed with - Who else can get away with orange eyeshadow I mean really. Zoella, Cara Delevingne, Perrie Edwards... we're looking at you! Here's all the makeup ideas you need to make your peepers go pop.

  1. · Blue eyed basics
  2. · Know your shade of blue
  3. · Evening makeup looks to try
  4. · Top tips:

Making your eyes the main feature of your face is kind of a good idea - they are the window to the soul after all! When it comes to making them pop all over the shop, it's all about the shade and technique of the makeup you choose, as expertly applied slap is key to bringing out their gorgeous tones. Whether your blue eyes are turquoise, bright blue or even almost navy, follow our tips and you'll have poppin' peepers guaranteed.

Blue eyed basics

As a general rule no matter the eye colour, when choosing the perfect makeup for the eyes, it's important to select a hue based on the complementary colour of the eyes. And believe it or not, the colour that perfectly emphasises blue eyes is orange. Who knew?! So go for eyeshadows and liners that come close to this shade, for example apricot and light and dark browns, because they will be sure to bring out the best of your blue.

When it comes to picking the perfect shade, blue eyed gals can afford to experiment with both hot and cooler tones - you lucky things! Try a combination of warm colours like earthy brown, caramel, bronze, beige, peach and apricot, or go all Elsa from Frozen and opt for icy colours such purple or pink which are perfect at awakening the hidden tones in blue eyes.

Know your shade of blue

STEPS may have sang 'I'm a deeper shade of blue, and there's nothing I can do' in their catchy nineties hit 'Deeper Shade Of Blue' but they were actually wrong, as there's plenty you can do! Whether your blue eyes are light or dark, the key is choosing the right hue for your exact type of blue:

If you have light blue Barbie coloured eyes, neutral browns and orange or bronze tones look best, but if your peepers are medium blue consider going for blacks, browns, charcoal, copper, heather, or even a deep moss. If you have dark or deep blue eyes, use nude browns or pastel orange.

Blue-grey eyes should stick to the warmer tones like orangey browns, copper, coral and khaki. You can also try wearing darker blues, such as teal and midnight blue, and greys such as charcoal and silver, but avoid powder blue at all costs! Lilac will also work well with blue-grey eyes.

​If your eyes are blue-green, use warm colours, such as bronzes, reds and terracotta - don't knock it 'til you've tried it! If you have bright blue eyes, always stick to a lighter beige palette, such as ash, camel, gold, grey, or taupe.

Evening makeup looks to try

Shine on: For a glamorous makeup look that's sure to get you ALL the compliments, try an iridescent gold shadow across the whole of the eyelid, or for a more subtle look just blend along the lash line or inner or outer corner.

Black out: For a dramatic makeup look, choose black or grey as these colours will provide shine and depth to blue eyes, really bringing out their tone. If you love eyeliner, black goes very well with blue eyes because it brings out the brightness of the blue.

Classic smokey eye: Use black eyeshadow teamed with a slightly lighter shade to create the perfect carbon eye, remembering the goal is for your eyeshadow to get gradually lighter from your lashes to your brows. Don't forget to finish with lashings of mascara - nothing makes more of an impact!

Glittery smokey eye: For a fun, modern take on a classic, reach for the golden glitter pot and apply all along the lower lash line and underneath the eye, focusing particularly on the inner corner.

Pastels: If the classic smokey eye is a little bold for you, try softening your look with a neutral palette of rich browns, and light pinks instead. This looks particularly gorge on lighter skin tones.

Bronzed up: If you want to try a bold metallic, bronze shades will perfectly balance the cool tones in your blue eyes. Go for a creamy bronze shadow as opposed to a powdered one for a more intense colour hit.

Time for turquoise: As we stressed earlier, if you want to bring out the best of your blue, blue eyeshadow is a no go. But if you still can't bear to part with the blue, try a turquoise eye liner instead which will make 'em pop.

Top tips:

Never skip out on the final touch to really intensify your gaze: the application of mascara. If you choose a coloured version, coat the lashes with a brown or black mascara all over first, then just apply the coloured one to the tips of the eyelashes.

If there's colour that tends to weigh down blue eyes like no other colour, it is blue. But if blue is your favourite hue, go for ones that shoot towards grey or purple tones. Another blue eye no no is light green, which does not complement blue eyes at all. Noted!

As a rule of thumb, always avoid syncing your eyeshadow with the colour of your eyes. Remember, when you apply your makeup on your eyes the goal is to bring out their colour, and a contrast of colours makes it possible to achieve this.

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