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Peel-off Makeup Now Exists And It's SO Satisfying

by Rose Adams ,
Peel-off Makeup Now Exists And It's SO Satisfying

There's just something about scratching and peeling off stringy bits that's insanely satisfying, no? iMHO if you've not coated your finger tips in candle wax or PVA glue and peeled it off, you've not lived. If you have, you fully understand the thrill of this and for you, I come bearing good news - peel-off make up now exists and it means you'll never have to use another face wipe again HURRAH.

If you adore getting glammed up and pulling out all the highlight and contour stops, but dread the long process of taking the whole lot off come 4am when you just want to crawl into bed and face plant your kebab, this could be just what you've been waiting for. Peel-off make up is here to make laborious makeup removal routines a thing of the past and we can confirm it looks as satisfying as it sounds.

If you were ever that kid at school who painted their hands in PVA glue, let it dry, then took great pleasure from peeling the whole lot off, or have ever been guilty of peeling off your sun burn, this is the mature, adult version.


The secret weapon is a product called Derecsil Face Shield; a liquid, gel-like cream which is applied immediately after cleansing. To allow it to work its magic, apply it all over your face, leave to completely dry, then put on your foundation, concealer and highlight on top.

Not only does it make removing your make up fun, it also protects the skin from pollution and is great for acne-prone skin as it works as a barrier to guard irritated or blemished patches from any more nasties or bacteria. Its function is to stop make up from clogging up your pores as the name 'face shield' suggests, preventing further breakouts.

But just as we expect even Channing Tatum himself has a couple of bad habits (belches in his sleep, perhaps?) Derecsil Face Shied isn't completely perfect either. Beauty bloggers who have tested out the product on their channels have reported it left their skin looking and feeling shiny and greasy underneath their make up, as it literally dries as a film on top of your skin. One even claimed it felt like rubbing hair gel on their cheeks.

We've done some Internet digging ourselves and found you can try it out for yourself here. Happy peeling!

Would you ditch the makeup remover and try this out instead? Let us know @soFeminineUK

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