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Meet PhotoWonder: The Most Popular App To Completely Change Your Face

by Emmy Griffiths ,
Meet PhotoWonder: The Most Popular App To Completely Change Your Face

We’re not usually ones for vanity in the Sofeminine office. When it comes to Instagram, we all tend to stick to basics (like the amaro filter amirite?!). However, we recently felt vaguely ashamed when we were reliably informed that none of the cool kids use anything as common as the ready built-in Instagram filters anymore, and, feeling chastised, we downloaded THE app that is supposed to be the best for your Instagram shares. Here's what we found...

Meet Photowonder

According to the App’s description on play.google, PhotoWonder has over 100 million users in 218 countries, won the best App award in Google Play and is in the top five photo and video apps in 20 countries and regions.

We get it, it’s popular. Intrigued and trying not to think about what our lives had become, we girls in the Sofeminine office decided to give the app a try.

In general, you can do everything that Instagram offers. Crop, colour, sharpen. It has three times as many filters as Instagram, but in general we didn’t see much difference. You can also add stickers and frames as the App has a cutesy, girlish vibe to it, but since we've never seen someone add a cartoon rabbit to any of their Insta-snaps, we left that option out.

Then we clicked on the ‘Beautify’ option. Oh, Beautify.

The options? You can make yourself thin. You can make your boobs bigger. Your legs longer. Your face smaller. You can banish dark circles, blemishes, give yourself larger eyes, add make up to your pasty pallor.

When the powers that PhotoWonder possesses became clear, it’s fair to say we all went a little tap happy. A little blush here, a new eye colour there…playing on this app feels like you are a Goddess with no pores and the disproportionately large eyes of a Disney Princess. You always secretly knew you were a stunner, but know you know for sure.

​Trying to turn yourself into perfection is undeniably addictive, and we had some fun with making all those improvements on the things we don’t like about ourselves. Trying to be subtle, here are the results of our efforts to achieve Insta-perfection:

So there you have it. Figures and face are thinned, blemishes are smoothed over, eyes are made larger and frankly, our selfie-loving selves were in heaven. This is the App we'd been waiting our LIVES for! Then we let things get a little weird.

The problem with PhotoWonder is it's hard to know just when to stop. You have the option to slim your legs, erase all blemishes, increase the size of your bust (there's actually a button for that function alone) and change all the things that professional airbrush experts do as a matter of course.

Here's what happened when we used and abused PhotoWonder to its full capability...

PhotoWonder or PhotoWTF?

We felt like we'd unlocked the secret Kim Kardashian has surely known for years (and what 100 million users knew before us), but on reflection, the whole thing seems a little sad.

This App has SO many options on how to change yourself to look more like the 'correct' type of beauty that we ended up removing all recognition of ourselves. The App has a 'compare' option which allows you to check how much you've changed yourself and honestly, what's the fun in posting something that isn't even you?! One of our team members even said: "I prefer 'her' to me", regarding her heavily doctored photos and really? That isn't good.

So we think it's time to ditch the app. It's been fun, and dammit it's tempting to use to ditch those circles under your eyes, but the whole idea just seems a step too far. Is this how celebs feel when they see themselves on the cover of Vogue? Is this how Beyonce lives her life?!

Either way, we're saying goodbye to PhotoWonder and celebrating our real selves. Want to join?!

Have you tried out the hottest App to change your face? What did you think? Tweet us @sofeminineUK!

This article was written by Emmy Griffiths. Tweet her @emmyfg!

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