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Emoji Face Masks Are Set To Take Over Your Instagram

by Pascale Day ,
Emoji Face Masks Are Set To Take Over Your Instagram© petiteamieskincare.com

Our love for sheet masks cannot be repressed and neither can our love for Emojis. So praise the lord hallelujah because someone has finally made these two become one.

Taiwanese skincare brand Petite Amie Skincare has released a series of sheet masks, each one doing something different to your skin and adorned with an Emoji that best corresponds. And when we say adorned with an Emoji, we don't just mean on the packaging. No, the actual mask is a face-sized Emoji and it's hella creepy - think cute Leatherface for the digital age - but we're totally into it. Each mask contains a different variety of ingredients to give your skin type what it needs to thrive.

This Chilling Masque is printed with the sunglasses Emoji and is jam-packed with botanical extracts such as cucumber fruit and aloe vera extract that will not only hydrate your skin but will literally chill it whereas the Cooling Masque, printed with an big, angry red Emoji also contains cucumber as well as rose flower water and is perfect for calming your skin after exposure to the sun, helping to reduce redness for restoring a refreshed, even skin tone.

The Scream Masque may be fronted by the scared-face Emoji but is the sheet you need to start your anti-ageing routine. With rose water and an "extra-lifting face treatment", it's perfect for all skin types and a welcome edition to your beauty routine. Who says reversing the effects of time can't be done with a little humour?

The sheet masks come in at $10 each which may seem a little steep for one face mask but can you really put a price on scaring the life out of your housemates while doing your skin some good? I think not. You can grab yourself a batch of them from petiteamieskincare.com

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Pascale Day
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