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Happy Feet: Get Pedi Ready For Summer!

by Pascale Day ,
Happy Feet: Get Pedi Ready For Summer!© We Heart It

You wouldn't know it from the rain, but summer is finally upon us. Holiday season is here. We've got our sh*t hot bikinis, we got our lob did, we got our romcom reading already in our suitcase. But there's one thing we haven't sorted: our feet. If your toes are still hiding within the confines of a boiling hot boot or a sweaty trainer - my friend, this is for you. We've compiled a list of all the things you're going to need to get your feet lookin' flawless on the beach. Ready, steady, pedi!

  1. · Coconut Oil
  2. · Foot mask socks
  3. · Nail file
  4. · Cuticle oil
  5. · Nail buffer
  6. · Heel balm
  7. · Foot file
  8. · Nail varnish
  9. · Pedicure
  10. · Check out all the perfect pedi products below...

Coconut Oil

These days, everyone's got coconut oil in their home in some capacity. Like, even if you think you don't have any, you probably do. It's such a staple these days, houses pretty much come with it: a half-used jar thrown in as part of the asking price. Somewhere in the dark at the back of your spice cupboard it'll be, waiting to be spooned out into a delicious stir fry. I guarantee it. Go and check, I'll wait. See? Everyone has some coconut oil somewhere, and that's because it's become such a staple when it comes to dealing with anything in life. You can cook with it, you can use it as lip balm, you can coat your hair in it, you can take your makeup off with it. But did you know it also makes a great moisturiser for your feet? And not only that, if you mix it with a little bit of himalayan salt (another thing that will be in your cupboards somewhere. It's a hipster world we live in, people!) you can make a pretty great moisturising foot scrub that's easy, cheap and effective. Holland and Barrett do a HUGE jar of the stuff for only £10, so take a trolley and stock up!

Foot mask socks

Everyone wants gorgeous feet, but sometimes it's just a hassle. Sometimes you'd just rather curl up with a cuppa and watch Love Island than have to worry about attempting to rid your heels of dry skin. But what if you could do both? That's right - the impossible dream has become a reality! Starskin's Magic Hour Foot Mask Socks means you can have the best of both worlds - just pop these dreamy socks onto your feet for 60-90 minutes, spread out on the sofa and get your favourite movie up on the telebox. Because in that time, these socks are going to gently exfoliate your skin, and for the next 7-10 days your going to see your feet go through a transformation as the dead skin peels away, like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon, to reveal your beautiful new feet. All that while you're enjoying your fave romcom!

Nail file

There are of course little things you can do to help with the upkeep of your tootsies. A simple nail file is something you can carry with you at all times just in case you find yourself in the middle of a nail emergency. The Crystal nail file from Leighton Denny is really gentle on the nail, so when you're doing a quick file job you won't cause any damage. Plus, it comes in a super handy little case, meaning you can carry it around in your handbag or your makeup bag without having to worry about hygiene.

Cuticle oil

Next, you need to take care of your cuticles. A good cuticle oil will moisturise the cuticle, being - surprise surprise - oily, but not greasy. If your cuticles are dry, cracked or broken, a few drops of cuticle oil will sort them right out. You can use cuticle oil at night to soak in whilst you sleep, or even carry it in your bag and apply it while you're in a waiting room or stuck in traffic. L'Occitane have a great Shea Nail & Cuticle Nourishing Oil that dries nice and quickly and smells delicious.

Nail buffer

So the cuticle oil's worked its magic, and you've got your nails the right shape and length you want with your nail file.​ The last part in this nail hat trick is to buff and shine, and then your hands are ready to be decorated as you see fit! Scholl has a dreamy electronic nail file with three different adjustable heads: one that will shape the nail, one to even out ridges and smooth the nail's surface, and one to polish nails, adding a natural shine. This is great on your toes, where the nail might be slightly tougher to smooth out. A quick five-minute buff and you'll look like you've stepped straight out of a spa!

Heel balm

If you're prone to wearing heels, it's likely you've had cracked heels at one point or another. Cracked heels happen when your the skin gets too dry and loses its elasticity, or when your skin hardens and cracks under pressure. Ouch. But summer ain't got time for your cracked heels: those beautiful sandals you've been saving for sunny day need a beautiful foot to step inside it. Luckily, dried heels can be solved pretty quickly. Flexitol Heel Balm has been enriched with pro-vitamin B5, vitamin E and something called L-Arginine (which, to be honest, we're not sure what it does, but it sounds hella fancy) to leave your feet well nourished, and is 25% urea based, which is great for hydrating dry, cracked skin. Give it a go and you'll be whacking out those heels at every opportunity this summer, people will get sick at the sight of your perfect feet.

Foot file

If you're having real issues with the dry, hard skin on all areas your feet, then Scholl is the one for you. Their Velvet Smooth Wet & Dry Foot File is quick and easy to use, with a roller head that glides smoothly along your foot. The micro-abrasive particles buff away your dry skin and without causing any pain or discomfort to the area. You can use this as a dry foot file or wet, meaning you can drag out your bath time for even longer by treating yourself to a little pedi-scrub as your conditioner works its magic on your hair. The roller head works in both conditions so all you need to concentrate on is making sure it's charged up!

Nail varnish

Now, you've done everything. You're feet are looking good, gurl! Summer is welcoming them with open arms, saying "Come frolick barefoot on this sandy beach, please!" You're ready to unleash your heavenly tootsies on the world - after this final step. You've gone through all the effort of exfoliating, moisturising, buffing and filing, so don't forget about the most important thing: the decoration! Yes, you now need to treat yourself to some summery nail varnishes. Nailberry have a L’Oxygéné collection, which is breathable nail polish that is free from chemicals, vegan and cruelty free, meaning that air and moisture can pass through the nail leaving them way healthier than with normal nail polish. It's hard to choose just one colour from the collection but if we had to pick summer in a bottle, then we say go for Hope, a gorgeous baby blue that'll look perfect next to any outdoor pool.


Of course, if you can't be bothered to DIY your pedicure, you could always go and get a real one. London's Chelsea Day Spa is located high above the streets of Chelsea - three stories up, to be exact. The prime location means it's easy to get to but shuts out the noise and hubbub of the streets below, so you are free to enjoy a dreamy, indulgent pedi, complete with nail trim, buff, nail file, foot file cuticle trim, exfoliation scrub, foot bath, moisturising foot massage and nail painting, all while you sit back and relax with an episode of Sex and the City in one of their grand armchairs. That's right, Sex and the City on loop! It's like we've died and gone to lady heaven!

Check out all the perfect pedi products below...

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