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Say Goodbye To Saggy Breasts: How To Make Your Boobs Look Younger

by Lareese Craig ,
Say Goodbye To Saggy Breasts: How To Make Your Boobs Look Younger© istockphoto

As new research shows our breasts age quicker than any other body part we're thinking about ways to protect our lady lumps for longer. Forget jabbing at your jowl and obsessing over your hands - it's time to give your cleavage some anti-ageing TLC. Crepe-like skin, sun spots, saggy breasts and wrinkles? No thanks, this is a line free zone. Here's how to make those boobs look years younger.

  1. · Rule number one: Butter up your buddies
  2. · Rule number two: Don't skip SPF
  3. · Rule number three: Pay caution to chemicals
  4. · Rule number four: Support that chest

While most of us are busy obsessing over the elasticity or brown spots on our hands, the annoying fine lines around our eyes or the saggy skin around our necks, our breasts don't seem to get a look in.

A little south of our drooping jowl dilemmas there's a whole other story going on with our breasts so (thanks to a little push from the experts) it's time we checked in with our biological boob clock - and it's never too late.

Research shows that breast tissue ages faster than any other body part. Steve Horvath, a professor of human genetics at the David Geffen School of Medicine, found that "healthy breast tissue is about two or three years older than the rest of a woman's body."

So that means even if you're a sprightly 32, your breast tissue could be looking about two or three years older. It's sad, bad news for your boobs, but there is something you can do about it - in fact there's lots.

Rather than getting your bra in a twist why not discover the best ways to age-proof your assets to ensure they grow old as gracefully as the rest of you.

But what makes our bust age so quickly? Nausheen Qureshi, Biochemist and Founder of Elethea Luxury Beauty, explains:

"Breast skin is very sensitive, thin and directly subject to hormonal fluctuations within the body. Throughout our lives, our breasts change in shape and content - the collagen decreases as we age, when we give birth our mammary gland system activates for the production of milk, etc.

"Therefore it is no surprise that this tissue is quick to age. It is thin, exposed to the sun and undergoes a lot of chemical change."

With that said, it's time to beautify our breasts and dedicate some time to our décolletage because no-one wants to hold back from wearing that plunging LBD come Christmas party season.

Rule number one: Butter up your buddies

Nausheen says: "Moisturisation of this thin skin is very important. A key anti-ageing ingredient to look for here is vitamin B3 or niacinamide.

"It is a superb ingredient for reducing wrinkles and improves elasticity of the skin. Make sure you're looking at the list of ingredients and ensuring there are high enough levels of actives like this in the cream you are using."

If you want to pamper yourself in private with a touch of luxury why not go for gold? Jamela Skincare collagen breast masks tighten the skin and help to increase cellular metabolism.

Rule number two: Don't skip SPF

"To prevent ageing of this area, (it is good to start from a young age) it is really important to use an SPF cream to protect the ageing effects of UV rays. In combination with SPF actives make sure the cream you use also has plenty of antioxidants to combat the free radicals which also contribute to this ageing.

"A particular antioxidant to look out for is vitamin E or its derivatives (don't forget this can be added as tocopherol in a cream or can be found within avocado oil for example also found in some formulations)."

Rule number three: Pay caution to chemicals

We're all guilty of overloading our pores with all kinds of harsh chemicals so it's important to give our skin a rest every so often.

​Nausheen says: "The more natural ingredients within the cream the better, especially for this highly absorbent tissue. Additionally, I would caution against the use of scented creams that contain a lot of essential oils, particularly if breastfeeding or pregnant - these can irritate the skin."

Say goodbye to saggy breasts: How to make your boobs look younger © Mama Mio
Say goodbye to saggy breasts: How to make your boobs look younger
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Rule number four: Support that chest

If you're a sporty sort then one of the best things you can do for your bust is invest in a supportive sports bra. Sue McDonald, creator of the Optifit bra says: “The correct sports bra shouldn’t restrict so women can breathe as easily as possible. They shouldn’t feel as though they are breathing against the bra, rather that it is moving with them.

“It is important to get a sports bra that does not have any under-wiring in it whatsoever and is designed to open the chest and will rotate the shoulders back by fitting low down under the ribs. This elevates the breast away from the body and keeps them stable.”
Why not check out our edit of the best sports bras?

What are your beauty tips for age-proofing your breasts? Got any swear-by secrets? We've heard of plenty more - not smoking, sleeping on your back instead of your front... we're sure there are lots more secrets too! Tweet us @sofeminineuk

Lareese Craig
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