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Get Nailed With All The Summer Mani-Art Inspo You'll Ever Need

by Rose Adams ,
Get Nailed With All The Summer Mani-Art Inspo You'll Ever Need

Summer is well on its way so it's high-time you upped your mani game. There's no better time of year to experiment with bright, bold colours and play with patterns, prints and ALL the sparkles. Well if your boss will allow it that is! Here's our pick of the best.

Nail art is the gift that keeps on giving but the summer months are when it really comes into its own - there's just something about this season that makes us want to experiment. And it has nothing to do with the fact that preened pinkies make those holiday cocktail photos 100 times more Instagrammable. Honest.

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​French tips are so 2016 but don't fret because this lot are pushing the creative boundaries to the limits. Gorge gems, slick stripes and cute cartoons way better than our GCSE art final piece, these amazing manicures are giving us serious #manigoals.

Whether you're heading off to Ibiza and want sparkles to match your swimwear or you're staying put here but want to feel like you are, then fear not - we've got you covered. Now go ahead and get nailed! (Not in THAT way, tsk).

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Rose Adams
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