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Why I Kept My Cosmetic Surgery A Secret From My Husband

by Lareese Craig ,
Why I Kept My Cosmetic Surgery A Secret From My Husband

Getting work done is nothing to be ashamed about, so why do so many women choose to lie about their cosmetic surgery, or keep it a secret all together? One woman tells us why she won't be telling her husband about her anti-ageing formula anytime soon...

Disclaimer: We have changed the patient's name.

One of the perks of getting married means you get to tell your nearest and dearest just about everything about you. Probably too much. If your best friend's being a b*tch, damn right your husband's gonna be the first to know about it. If you're feeling stressed out at work, he'll be there to light your fave candle for you at the end of a hard day. If he knows what's good for him right?

Sure, there's couples out there that don't care to share every last detail with one another: their life savings, their sly shopping habits, their anti-ageing secrets...

Relationships should be about trust, this much is true, but how about if keeping your cosmetic surgery a secret is actually coming from a good place? Is that being dishonest, or is it protecting your spouse from a life of unnecessary worry? For Lizzie, that was exactly it.

During her 40s, Lizzie became unhappy with her skin's appearance and visible "angry" frown lines. She decided she wanted to get her confidence back and feel happy in her own skin again.

A few people recommended cosmetic surgery and after contemplating the decision, she decided to go ahead and get anti-wrinkle injections at Spire Healthcare before her birthday and she's never looked back.

A year on and her husband's still none the wiser about her best-kept anti-ageing secret. We must admit, keeping it hush hush does sound weirdly satisfying.

So why, if it makes her feel so good about herself does she choose to hide it from her husband? It's not through fear of being judged or laughed at, or even for spending her cash on the pursuit of youth and beauty, it's simply because she's afraid he'll worry for her in the future. Nawww!

"The only person who doesn’t know is my hubby – he wouldn’t be totally comfortable with not knowing the outcome of my surgery further down the line. I just don’t mention it to him but if he did ask I would have to tell him – I just want to be able to keep going and having it done. It's my body so it's my business."

Talking about her relationship, Lizzie says, “He's always very complimentary about what I look like and what I wear. It’s mainly about how I feel. He would take me warts and all and he wouldn’t want me to change for the world so if I told him I’d worry I’d be letting him down!”

As for the results? She looks and feels so much happier than before, even her friends have noticed the change in her. "It’s the feel good feeling that I love and how my face looks after the treatment - that’s what’s important to me. I have enough movement so it still looks really lovely and natural. I have very short hair now so my face and complexion is very important to me – it just gives me the confidence I was missing and the best bit is I don’t look angry anymore!"

And she hasn't ruled out getting more surgery either: "If I can get away with it I will get more done!"

From being self-conscious about her heavy frown lines to loving her appearance, this is one beauty secret this wife won't be giving up anytime soon!

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