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Ride The Wave! The Best Beach-Wave Hairstyles From The Celebs Who've Nailed It

by Rose Adams ,
Ride The Wave! The Best Beach-Wave Hairstyles From The Celebs Who've Nailed It

Nothing says summer like beach-wave tresses, so grab your mousse and tongs and ride the wave without getting sand in all the places you didn't even know existed. Just let these famous ladies show you how.

  1. · The Beach Wave Lob
  2. · Long Beach Waves
  3. · Fringe Beach Waves
  4. · Waves With a (Braid) Twist

'Summer days, drifting away' - we're counting down the days until we can drink Pimms, get our pins out and eat ourselves into a food coma at a billion BBQs (c'mon sun, stop teasing us). But you wanna look sassy and stylish while doing all that, don't you? Well look no further than our round-up of the best beach-wave celebrity hairstyles for all the inspo you'll need this season.

​Naturally wavy-haired gals it's your time to shine as you lucky things can scrunch up those tresses with a bit of mousse and you're good to go.

But dry those eyes if you have straight hair because the good news is that you too can create this style with a few styling essentials. Grab your trusty straighteners and plait your hair into two braids, then straighten over the top and release. Or you could also use your curling wand or tongs, just apply heat to the hair to create ringlets, then comb out for a more relaxed 'do and fix with hairspray.

The Beach Wave Lob

From where we're standing, the lob is here to stay. And it ain't difficult to see why when it can be so easily styled and maintained. Some of these ladies are new to the wavy lob after making a hair switch that totally paid off: Chrissy Teigen we're talking to you. Waves look mega-hot with a bob, and give off that 'I woke up like this' vibe. And who doesn't want to pull off that look?

Rosie Huntington Whiteley © Getty
Rosie Huntington Whiteley
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Long Beach Waves

Relinquish your inner mermaid with long wavy beach locks. The good news is this style can be easily achieved with the age-old technique of sleeping in braids, then unravelling and fixing with hairspray when you wake up. Minimal effort and extra time in bed? Sounds good to us.

Sienna Miller © Getty
Sienna Miller
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Fringe Beach Waves

Give your waves depth (sorry) with a kooky fringe. Whether you go for side, full or a cross over of the two, fringes go together with waves like macaroni goes with cheese. Just remember to keep it sweepy and choppy - just like the ocean. Allow these ladies show you how it's done.

Karlie Kloss © Getty
Karlie Kloss
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Waves With a (Braid) Twist

If you're feeling adventurous or just a little bit fancy, incorporating a little braid a la Chrissy Teigen, or going the whole hog by stealing Blake Lively's trademark fat plait, can score you extra style points. Take our word for it when we say braids look HOT with beachy waves. Try it for yourself and sea (geddit?).

Jade Thirwall Little Mix © Getty
Jade Thirwall Little Mix
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Which celeb has your fave beachy-wave style? Let us know @SoFeminineUK!

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