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Fringe Hairstyles: The Best Celebrity Bangs In All The Land

by Rose Adams Published on 20/04/2016 at 17:00
Fringe Hairstyles: The Best Celebrity Bangs In All The Land

We all fancy a change every now and then and there's no better way to switch up your look than with a subtle, not-at-all drastic fringe. It's perfect for updating your do without the whole commitment thang. And if the thought of a full fringe takes you back to your childhood when your mum butchered your bangs, fear not, there's an abundance of other swish worthy styles to choose from. You'll find the most banging fringes, right here!

Bangs, fringes, face framers, call 'em what you want, but they're back with a erm, bang (sorry). And they can make you look totally amazing - the term 'fringe benefits' was coined for a reason ya know!

Now that Gigi's joined the bang gang, and looks totally sassy, we want one too. But she's not the only A-Lister leading the way, oh no. So to allow you to follow in their fringe steps, we've rounded up the best bangs out there to give you tonnes of inspiration for your next do. You're welcome!

​Now repeat after us: 'I will not cut my fringe myself'...

The Full Fringe

As Gigi and Lea Michele know, a full fringe is the ultimate face framing tool. Even if you're a little nervy, make like Kim Kardashian and feel the fear and do it anyway - you won't regret it! But if you're a bit of a commitment phobe (we're not judging) then make like Kendall and rock a clip in style before going for the chop. Hey, if it's good enough for a Kardashian...

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The Micro Bang

Swish away any memories of your mum cutting your fringe super short for your year 6 pic cos this style looks super cool. There's never been a better time to join the short bang gang. Originally rocked by fifties screen queen Audrey Hepburn, the short bang is experiencing a revival thanks to the one and only Queen Bey. But ladies be warned, this type of fringe is for the most adventurous of fashionistas, as it reveals a LOT of forehead and takes a loooong while to grow back. Not ideal if you have second thoughts after getting the chop.

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The Side Fringe

As far as trademark bangs go, they don't come much more signature than Alexa Chung's long, sweepy side fringe. This style is great if you're growing out a full fringe or want something a little softer. Plus, the great news is that it never goes out of style. Winning. True though it may be we can only dream of locks as luscious as Miss Chung's, but damn right we're gonna try.

Pixie Crop Bangs

Those craving a major hair revamp, meet the pixie crop bang. Long favoured by the celeb set - who could forget Keira Knightley's iconic do? - This sweepy style brings all attention to your most delicate features, not to mention your cheekbones sans the need for contouring - time saver! Ask your hairdresser what type of pixie bangs will best complement your face shape and let them give your barnet a new lease of life, a la girl crush Ruby Rose.

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Brow Skimming Bangs

If your fringe is at that awkward in-between, trying to grow out length, then welcome to the perfect style for you. The brow skimming bang is bang on trend *sorry* and the other great news, is that it's super low maintenance too. A simple blast with your hairdryer after washing, then a teeny bit of serum - stress on the TEENY, you don't want to overload it and become a greasy mop head, and you're good to go. If you're getting this style cut in, remember the thicker and blunter the better.

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Who's your fave fringe inspo? Let us know @SofeminineUK

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