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But First Let Me Take A Selfie: 22 Excuses Girls Use To Snap Themselves

by Lareese Craig ,
But First Let Me Take A Selfie: 22 Excuses Girls Use To Snap Themselves

There was a time when taking a photo of yourself was the most detrimental thing you could do for your social rep but those days are o-v-e-r. Shameless seflies are here to stay and we're coming up with all the best excuses to get flipping that camera front ways and filtering the hell out of it. Some call it narcissism we call it the 21st century boo boo. To all our stunning hunz out there here's 22 excuses girls use to take a selfie.

Even the girls that say they don't do it are doing it. Here's 22 excuses girls use to say, "But first... let me take a selfie!"

1. We got HOT

"Hey everyone I lost a bunch of weight and now I wanna earn those little hearts so like away!"

2. We just got our hair did

Going to the hairdressers would be pointless if we didn't show off with a salon selfie.

3. We have the BEST boyfriend

Beautiful roses from the perfect beau in our lives, that's cause to take a selfie #happy #somanyreasonstosmile

4. We're working out

It was Monday and rather than going home and watching Broadchurch with a tube of Pringles we decided to squat. Now shower us with compliments with how J-Lo our butt's looking.

5. We've just woken up

Sans makeup? Yeah right. What really went down is:

  • We got up and put on our MAC face
  • Fixed our hair into a woke up like dis bedhead position
  • Brushed our teeth
  • Got out of our old, fake tan stained pjs and into the lovely pair we squirrel away for these very occassions
  • Crawled back into bed

Only then can we truly take a fresh faced, morning selfie. We might even pretend to be asleep. Don't ask.

6. We got new stuff

Instagram HAS to know about this volumising mascara.

7. We were wearing a onesie. That is all.

8. We were in the Zara changing rooms

What? The lighting made us look skinny. Did we buy anything? Are you insane? We've already been seen in it, spare us the £60.

9. We were with the girls

When the girls get together we need to show the world we had a good night or... it will look like we didn't have a good night. Duh. Thank god for that little stick of joy. Bundle in galdems. Oh oh A LIFT!

10. We ate somewhere real good

Look at us and get jealous over our expensive taste buds already.

11. We met someone famous

And proceeded to go up to them & undermine the English language by asking them for a selfie. What else are we supposed to do when we see Max Branning outside of Walford?

11. What about the time we went ice-skating?

For the whole two minutes we were actually not licking the ice rink we took a photo opportunity. Even though camera's aren't allowed on the ice #rebelinskates

12. You dumped us

And now we're gonna make you pay with multiple uploads of... random boys. And yes he does have his hand on our waist.

13. Our skin. Never been better.

Bloggers gonna be like "honey have you been bathing in milk cause you is glowing!"

14. We were bored

Some like to play Solitaire but we take selfies when we're twiddling our thumbs. Life would be very boring if we were all the same.

15. We came home to...

Topshop parcels. Glorious Topshop parcels. The natural reaction can only be to catwalk in our rooms.

16. We got a pretty cupcake/doughnut

First thing's first, let me take a selfie of me eating it. There is no way of explaining this. We do it with green smoothies too #eatleangreenandhealthyandallthat

17. We were on vacayyy

Tanned hot dog leg shots are like all we think about. That and deliciously minty mojitos also set to make an appearance in our sequel of holiday selfies. Are you jel yet though?

18. Our nails looked really good that day

We didn't pay £30 for gels for nothing.

18. To get the significant other's attention

Pretty much all the time. NOTICE ME.

19. We got a pooch

Time to get cute.

20. There was a new filter

Thank you Instagram but Amaro will forever give us the best cheekbones.

21. We got a Starbucks

Flat white with our name all over it. It's probably spelt wrong but we'll Igram it anyway. Bomb diggity.


And Kylizzle's doing it so you know, what the Kardashain/Jenner's do... we generally do.

As for the 100 other selfies that didn't make the final cut. You'll never ever see those bad boys.

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