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19 Of The Weirdest Nail Art Trends Ever!

by Rose Adams ,
19 Of The Weirdest Nail Art Trends Ever!

Few things on this Earth make us feel as under pressure as sitting in the nail salon ready for a fresh set, and the technician asking 'which colour would you like?'. The pressure to avoid making the wrong choice is just TOO MUCH. Well fear not, because if you're in the mood for ditching your usual red and pushing the creative boundaries, from pierced nails to prism edges, here's all the craziest mani inspo of all time.

Nails are the perfect blank canvas to be as creative as you like. Sparkles? Yep. Shattered glass? Go for it. Fur? Er, yes if you dig that kinda life. You may not be able to rock up to work wearing a traffic-stopping-crazy outfit, but that doesn't mean your nails can't.

The nail trends blowing up the beauty world (and Instagram) never fail to mesmerise and shock us as it seems there's no limit to the creativity coming through. In celebration of this fact, we've rounded up the strangest, most out there nail trends we've seen yet. Your challenge? To resist the temptation to recoil in shock.

1. Botanical nails

When we saw these succulent plants making the leap from the flower beds to our nail beds, we were baffled. It's not everyday you see plants on someones hands, but that's exactly what happened when Australian artist Roz Borg gave herself an organic mani.

​Speaking to The Huffington Post when her nail art went viral, she said: 'People are stunned when they realise it’s real live plants, not 3D sculpting. Some people are grossed out, but most love it!' It gives a whole new meaning to 'green fingers.'

2. Edible Chocolate nails

Chocoholics and serial snackers among us this is one for you. What better way to curb those 4pm sugar cravings than nail art you can eat? Maybe one to avoid if you're trying to give up your nail biting habit though, just a thought!

3. Cork board nails

Usually reserved for sticking photos of your holiday and to do lists, who knew this childhood bedroom staple would make for nail art, aye? At least you'd never need to rely on Facebook to remember that important friend's birthday again.

4. Prism edge nails

Taking the shattered glass manicure to new heights, this statement stiletto set look so fragile we'd be scared to break one! It's a good excuse to get out of doing the washing up though.

5. Vagina nails

With their swirly flap type print and suggestive circular gem at the top, these arty nails with a stiletto shape resemble the shape of those vagina necklaces everyone went mad for, so for that reason I'm calling them vagina nails and sticking to.

6. Cutlery nails

Never get caught without cutlery again - with this dining set you'll always have a knife and fork (literally) to hand.

7. Scorpion nails

This nail art trend is sweeping Latin America and it's beyond bizarre. To create these arty tips, real once-living scorpions are incorporated with glitter and sparkles, because why not take 3D art to a cruel extreme, right? Equal parts scary and intriguing, but guaranteed to get you maximum likes on the 'gram.

8. Hairy nails

Keeping your nails warm could be the only possible, logical explanation for the blow up of the furry talon trends. We never knew the Grinch was a beauty icon in the making, but apparently we were wrong on that one if these weird nails are anything to go by.

9. Lego nails

Who doesn't day dream of going back to those carefree days of childhood, when the most we had to worry about was... erm, actually we didn't have anything to worry about. Pay homage to the days of your youth with these funky 3D lego brick nails.

10. Bubble nails

This quirky 'bubble' shape is achieved when manicurists apply a pile of acrylic onto the nail to create a hump in the middle. With their exaggerated, circular shape and pop of colour, it's no wonder these nails took the internet by storm. To enhance them even further, sparkles and gems can be applied or if you've got a sweet tooth, your very own M&Ms.

11. Cigarette nails

This nail art look simply STINKS.

12. Pierced nails

Once sported by none other than Victoria Beckham back in the nineties, Kim Kardashian tried to bring the trend back in a big way in 2017. The jury's still out on whether she actually succeeded in her mission. This has got to be the most impractical nail art trend of all time.

13. Aquarium nails

We were blown away by this moving nail art inspired by the ocean, and although pretty much impossible to recreate ourselves, there's no denying carrying around ten miniature snow globes on your talons is pretty cool.

14. Duck nails

AKA flared nails, this was a trend that was totally quackers. We know that flared jeans are back this season but we doubt we'll be seeing this bizarre shape again as it's pretty ducking bizarre.

15. Nipple nails

Leaving your bra at home and baring your boobies for the world to see may not be safe for work, or any time actually, but these nipple nails on the other hand are completely office friendly - and there'll be no mention of indecent exposure here either.

16. Spaghetti nails

We can think of plenty of ways to let the world know about your love for all things carbohydrate related, without having to resort to sticking them on the end of your nails. Why, why, just why?

17. Spiral nails

These crazy nails have certainly got us in a spin. Super long in length, there's no denying this set is eye catching AF. Practical? Not so much.

18. Zit nails

Spot nails, for when you want your manicure to be poppin'. There are no words for these faux pus filled creations. Yuck.

19. Art deco nails

Colourful and fun, these psychedelic talons are giving us double vision.

Would you ever rock these crazy nail sets? Let us know @SoFeminineUK!

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