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This At-home Machine Prints Your Own Face Masks From Fruit

by Rose Adams ,
This At-home Machine Prints Your Own Face Masks From Fruit

Forget the latest matte lip hue or eyebrow trend because healthy, filter-free skin is the look we're all going for on Saturday night when the selfies are obligatory. Enter: the Egoera Facial Mask Maker that allows you to make fresh face masks at the click of a button from just the fruit and veg in your kitchen. Ladies, it's time to end the love affair with Instagram's Valencia and Lark because you won't be needing them anymore.

The world of beauty is forever pushing the boundaries with new and exciting inventions to blow our minds and ultimately give us the clear, #nofilter skin we've always dreamed of. And we lap it up, trying everything from peel-off make-up that protects our pores, to micro needling that cures acne scarring; but this little gadget isn't like anything we've seen before.

Allow me to introduce the Egoera Facial Mask Maker - this genius DIY device allows you to print custom face masks from your your choice of your fruit and veg lying around. Bonus: it gives those too-ripe bananas a new use so you'll never have to bake banana bread again. Shame, I know right.

We know the key to clear, healthy-looking skin is treating it from the inside out with a diet rich in vitamin-packed fruit and vegetables, but sometimes hangovers get in the way and we end up swapping our goji berries for gherkins and bananas for Big Macs. This clever gadget allows you to inject some five a day into your skin when you'd rather gorge and carbs.

How does it work?

Start by chopping up a few of your favourite fruit and veg and grabbing your juice of choice then measure out the right amount of water and juice as per the instructions in the pack, then add one of the collagen pills that come with the machine. Next, let it work its magic to heat and mix the ingredients for five minutes. Might I suggest you use this time productively to stalk your ex's Instagram account and send screenshots to the Whatsapp group? Just an idea.

Next, watch while as if by magic the mask is printed into the freaky face shape tray and you're done. All that's left to do is let it cool down, peel the mask away from the mould, then stick it to your mush and relax, safe in the knowledge what you've got on your skin is fresh, natural and free from any parabens or chemicals.

It doesn't just have to be fruit and veg, you could mix it up by using a whole host of natural ingredients including tea, milk, honey, beer and red wine, essential oils, herbs or eggs, or why not try the recipe Kendall Jenner credits for curing her acne? Supermodel skin at the click of a button? Yes please!

Get the Egoera Facial Mask Maker on Amazon here.

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