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This Non-surgical Boob Lift Is Everything Your T*ts Could Ever Want

by Pascale Day ,
This Non-surgical Boob Lift Is Everything Your T*ts Could Ever Want© We Heart It

When it comes to skincare, we moisturise our legs, scrub our lips, treat our oily T-zones. But what about our breasts? Don't they deserve some love too? We decided to give our boobs some well-deserved TLC with a bust contouring treatment from Cellcosmet, to see if it could help defy the laws of gravity - and we were pleasantly surprised with the results...

Boobs are like beautiful fleshy snowflakes with nipples: they come in all shapes and sizes and no pair are the same - hell, no two are the same. The unfortunate fact is, everyone's boobs head south at some point, but there are something things that can change the rate: Pregnancy, breastfeeding, menopause, changes in weight, the weight of your breasts, sun abuse, rubbing of the bra, even bouncing whilst doing sport - now there's a perfect excuse to stop exercising if I ever did hear one.

See, your breasts are super fragile and you need to take really good care of them, like you would the skin on your face. And when you consider that there are so many factors working against your boobs, like gravity desperately trying to drag them down south, it doesn't seem crazy to pay them a bit of attention with a treatment every now and again.

The Treatment

I visited the Aldo Coppola beauty salon in South Kensington to try their Cellcosmet Swiss BustContouring Defining Treatment, which aims to firm and sculpt the breasts to help them reach their perky potential. I'm shown to a massage room and after gulping down a glass of water, I'm left to get myself ready for the treatment. I lie down on the bed, jeans on but bra off, and cover myself with a little towel. I listen to the plinky plonky music and take some deep breaths.

My masseuse comes back. "Everything ok?" She whispers. I have to be honest: "I'm a bit worried about you seeing my boobs," I tell her. I'm one of those people that so desperately wants to be liberal and free with my body but I still have to change into my swimming costume in a cubicle. I have tried going topless at a beach with other topless people, but I get too nervous. I'm out of my comfort zone. It's the kind of irrational thinking I have when I'm wearing a hat: I start thinking, "Oh god, everyone's looking at me because I'm wearing this hat. She's wearing a hat and she's wearing a hat, but everyone's making fun of me in my hat." The same applies to boobs. Everyone else looks good in theirs, but I'm still unsure if mine suit me.

But my masseuse assured me that she had seen plenty of boobs and that she herself loved getting this treatment, so there was nothing to worry about. And y'know what? Once you get over the weird circumstances of a total stranger massaging your chest whilst making small talk like "got any plans for the weekend?", it ain't half bad!

How it works

This isn't quite a boob lift, but more of a sculpting that promotes fuller and firmer breasts, smoother skin and an enhanced décolletage - here's how they do it:

- First, your breasts, chest and neck are massaged with an oil that contains rose hip, borage, evening primrose, carrot and geranium. This takes some getting used to but once you're comfortable with it, it's totally relaxing.

- Next is a toning spritz. "Sorry - this is cold," she tells me. She wasn't wrong.

- Then the mask is applied. In the image sent over to me of the treatment, the mask appears in a cute heart shape across the breasts. My masseuse tells me this isn't going to be the case. The mask, made of marine algae complex, spiruline, laminar, dry witch hazel and carrot essential oil, is applied to the breasts, chest, and all the way up to the neck. A concentrate that is mixed in the mask contains kigeline extract and lilac floral water, which contributes to its nice smell, despite the fact the mask itself looks like all the dirt from the bottom of a pond. Also, all those ingredients? very good for toning.

- Then we play the waiting game. I'm left alone for 20 minutes whilst the mask solidifies.

- After 20 minutes, the mask was ready to come off. I wasn't ready for this. Swathed in blankets and with a warming extra layer on your chest, it's hard not to fall asleep. Time flies when you're cosy as hell.

Our verdict

After the mask is removed, the results are immediately visible. I'm only 26, so it has to be said that at this point in my life I'm not massively in need of a treatment that stops my breasts from sagging. But you don't realise how thirsty your skin is until you feed it what it needs. My décolletage was insanely soft and, as was pointed out to me, the horizontal lines across my neck had plumped out. This would be a perfect treatment for summer, when you're more likely to be showing off a bit more skin in that area but as well all know, winter is particularly harsh on your skin, and so this treatment just injects a bit of much-needed TLC into an area that's normally a bit neglected.

The Cellcosmet Swiss BustContouring Defining Treatment is £110 at Aldo Coppola.

Would you get this treatment? Let us know! @sofeminineUK

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