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The History Of Blake Lively's Hottest Hairstyles

by Rose Adams ,
The History Of Blake Lively's Hottest Hairstyles© Getty

There's just something about Blake Lively's hair that means however she styles it we immediately want to copy it. Okay we do know what it is: it always looks hella amazing. She's the queen of the messy bun and her balayage always looks banging. Let us count the ways....

It's an understatement to say actress and yummy mummy Blake Lively always looks incredible on the red carpet. Yes her wardrobe is on point, but it's her hair game that we're really obsessed with. This is a woman who knows all too well that the right hairdo can totally transform your look and take your outfit from meh to marvellous with a bit of patience, product and heat.

Our girl Blake knows more than a little something something about a glam hair do, and we've collected the proof all in one gallery. Beware: maximum hair envy approaching.

Join us ​as we take a look back through her hair journey over the past decade. If you need us we'll be watching french plait tutorials on YouTube - well it did get Ryan Reynolds's attention after all...

Blake Lively 2005 © Getty
Blake Lively 2005
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What's your fave Blake Lively hair look? Let us know @SofeminineUK!

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