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12 Cute & Magical Disney-Inspired Tattoos That Will Make Your Dreams Come True

by Lareese Craig ,
12 Cute & Magical Disney-Inspired Tattoos That Will Make Your Dreams Come True

If you're crazy for the wonderful world of Disney (cos who isn't, right?) and you're wondering how to take your obsession to new Mary Poppins kinda heights, why not be a fan girl for real and get the likes of Elsa, Belle and Bambi etched on your bod for life? Here's a look at the cute and magical Disney tattoos to inspire your next inking.

Nothing says forever love quite like a tattoo, so if you're stumped for ideas of where to take your tattoo collection next, we happen to have spotted a few that could make all your dreams come true.

Here's a look at the cutest and most magical Disney tattoos of all the land, because let's face it, you're never too old for Disney! Warning: could cause you to book an appointment at the parlous asap.

You know it's fairytale love

When your heart beats like this...

Tale as old as time

A beautiful singing teapot, it's Walt Disney at its best.

Never grow up

This Peter Pan ear art is taking us way back to the days when we thought we were actually Tinker Bell.

In a world of your own

Love the craziness of Wonderland? Just look at the colours of this Tweedledee inking.

Your carriage awaits!

We'd give anything to have a fairy godmother to magic us up some shoes and a dress when we've got nothing to wear.

Parisian-feline lovers know

"Ladies don't start fights but they can finish them." Where would we be in life without Aristocats and Waldo the drunk goose?!

Colours of the wind

She's the unsung princess but we have so much love and hair envy for Pocy.

Buzz makes all of our dreams seem possible, what a guy

It's gotta be up there with our favourite cartoon catchphrase of all time, closely followed by "There's a snake in my boots."

Mirror, mirror on the wall

We'll forever be wary of huge, shiny red apples but it was totally worth it.

You can't say it, you HAVE to sing it

No worries for the rest of your days. Yes to that!

Old school Disney

Yeah ok, Frozen was great but then there was Pluto the dog.

Kickass princess

Now THAT'S a sternum tattoo.

See all of the Disney tattoos here:

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disney tattoos
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