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The Full Body Charcoal Face Mask Challenge Is Making Us Freak Out

by Rose Adams ,
The Full Body Charcoal Face Mask Challenge Is Making Us Freak Out

Face masks are great at removing nasties from the face, but in exchange for that glowing result comes the (sometimes excruciating) process of peeling it off to remove the mask. Now just imagine that but over your entire body, and you've got the face mask removal challenge currently sweeping the blogosphere. They do say beauty is pain, but this is just ridiculous...

Bloggers and vloggers are forever willing to make themselves look ridiculous and put themselves through pain and suffering purely for our viewing pleasure, all in the name of racking up those views. We've seen them try a host of wacky tasks, from applying make up with a condom, to the infamous cinnamon challenge and we can't deny we don't thoroughly enjoy watching them squirm.

The latest ordeal they are putting themselves through comes in the form of the full body face mask challenge. Looking exactly as painful as it sounds, it involves applying one of those peel-off charcoal face masks designed to exfoliate your blackheads, only this is applied to their entire body. Satisfying? Yes. Painful AF? Absolutely.

Now if you think this sounds a lot like waxing i.e. eye watering and generally not at all pleasant, then you'd be bang on. Once they've applied the mask comes the painful process of letting it set, then wincing and crying as they rip it off from their skin. Eek! I'm sure I don't have to tell you that this isn't something to be tried at home. Or anywhere, for that matter.


If you've ever seen bloggers testing out these popular face masks before on their, well, faces, you'll know the pain they experience as they switch between peeling them off slowly or yanking as quickly as possible. So to apply them to the whole skin is obviously going to amplify this pain x1000 as evident here. What's wrong with a good old fashioned sugar scrub guys?


On the plus side they're stomach has never looked so radiant. Always a silver lining, eh?

Would you ever give this challenge a go? Let me know @SoFeminineUK!

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Rose Adams
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